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The Top Events Going On Today In Louisville #DailyYesList

Wednesday, 11/13/19 It’s World Kindness Day! Be mindful of the humans around you & be part of making their days a little better (or at least not worse)…& have some fun while you’re at it! #DailyYesList *** The #DailyYesList has the top happenings that caught our eye in the city today! This list is brought […]

Eureka Moments

Your Power Within #AJourneyCalledSmith

Look within the words of a child to see the worth in you. #AJourneyCalledSmith

Neighborhood Voices

Walking in Waverly #SouthEnd

You've heard of Waverly Sanitorium, but did you know the neighboring land is one of the best parks in the city? #SouthEnd

Louisville Leaders

Louisville Ballet Leader Talks Arts And City Growth #502LeaderSeries Podcast

Robert Curran had never been here before he applied to serve in leadership with the Louisville Ballet. Now, six seasons in, he's one of us. #502LeaderSeries Podcast

Eureka Moments

Play It Again, Sam #TheEichLife

Savor it. All of it. Trust me. #TheEichLife

Better You

Choose Gratitude #InspireTheCity

We can't control the world around us, but we can control how we respond to it. #InspireTheCity

Better You

Shame Shame #BMindful

Finding freedom from shame isn't simple, but you CAN do it. #BMindful

Louisville Leaders

Community Salute #502LeaderSeries Podcast

Since 1813 a group of civic minded Kentuckians has been stepping up to meet needs in communities across the Commonwealth. Join us as we salute the Kentucky Colonels! #502LeaderSeries Podcast

Better You

Root Cell-U-Are... #TheCodeOfYou

Quit putting band-aids on what ails you and get down to the root of the root of the root of it all! #TheCodeOfYou

Eureka Moments

Leaf Lessons #Fleurish

If it feels like it's falling away, it may be making space for something you need. #Fleurish


The YES List

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