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Adam Kilchenman is a Louisville native who’s been involved in the music community for the past 20 years as a musician, retailer, consumer, fan, and writer. He is a proud husband & father & looks forward to bringing you a new perspective to all things music in The Ville.

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Step Into the Ring of Fire #TheBackbeat

Johnny Cash + Actors Theatre = Must See Show!! #TheBackbeat

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The Hunt #TheBackbeat

Are you on the hunt? Ready to add a musical member to your family? These are the tips you need to shop smart! #TheBackbeat

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Maxwell Magic [#TheBackbeat]

Crossing the river can lead to musical magic…

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Emo Love [#TheBackbeat]

The crowd is full of heavy eyeliner, fingernails painted with black polish, and old band t-shirts resurrected for a special night. A slender man in ripped jeans and a track jacket stands on a stage riser at Headliners Music Hall and yells out to the crowd, “Y’all ready to get sad?!” The crowd erupts in […]

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Small Batch Vibes [#TheBackbeat no.4]

DeGeorge Bros. Guitars is tucked into a small row of shops in Crescent Hill, on the corner of Frankfort and Stilz Avenues. Combining the vintage wood floors, stone hearth, and the fact that the shop is owned and operated by two brothers, Vic and Dan DeGeorge, their goal of being “a friendly neighborhood music store […]

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Sense of Music [#TheBackbeat no.3]

Around age 10 or so, my parents decided (as many do) that their child needed to take up an instrument. My first foray into music was, of all things, the coronet. In case you didn’t know, a coronet is a kind of small trumpet. Once a week, my parents, my coronet, and I made our […]

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Tacos & Treasons [#TheBackbeat no.2]

When I sat down at Wild Rita’s with Rob Diver and Zack Pennington to talk about their band, Light Treasons, we joked about an opening line much like this one. “Are you going to say something about interviewing us with a mouth full of tacos?” Yes, Rob. Yes, I am.  You don’t have to drive […]

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The Backbeat: Inside The Louisville Music Scene [#TheBackbeat no.1 #GetGoing]

If you were ever in a school band or took piano lessons, you might be familiar with the term downbeat. The downbeat is usually the first note in a musical bar – the steady rhythm of a song. But unless you’re an avid jazz fan or musician, you might be less familiar with the term backbeat. A […]