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Lash Love #DerbyCityBeauty

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to not have to worry about putting on mascara every single day? I totally have! Especially since I have very blonde lashes. So for the first time ever I decided to get lash extensions!

Better You

This One’s For the Girls #DerbyCityBeauty

Go ahead & tune out, dudes. Ladies, listen up! Your health below the belt matters. Big time. #DerbyCityBeauty

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Dive Into Dermaplaning #DerbyCityBeauty

Shed some skin and reveal a whole new you! #DerbyCityBeauty

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Summer Sunscreen Survival #DerbyCityBeauty

Survive the summer sun with tips from #DerbyCityBeauty!

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Subscription Boxes…Are They Worth It? #DerbyCityBeauty

Wanna substitute the store for cool deliveries of your basics and more? #DerbyCityBeauty

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Spring Skin Smarts [#DerbyCityBeauty no.6]

Spring into better skin with tips from #DerbyCityBeauty!

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Sparking Joy on a Friday [#DerbyCityBeauty no.5]

On a whim I pull out every bin in my bathroom pantry and dump it on the king size bed where my husband and son are hanging out watching TV. My husband looks up from his phone and casually just looks away. He’s used to my shenanigans by now. My son, however, complains that I’m […]

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Surefire Ways to Wreck Your New Year [#DerbyCityBeauty no.4]

If I hear “New Year, New Me” one more time I’m gonna… do absolutely nothing at all. I’m lazy, but more power to you for taking on the new year with gusto! I feel like every December I’m bombarded with ways to really shine in the next year, but what about ways to really screw […]

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Naked Shopping [#DerbyCityBeauty no.3]

Last week was Black Friday in the United States and as expected it was a bit of a circus! Look, I’m not slamming your after-Thanksgiving-tradition of battling it out in the middle of Walmart over that five-dollar box of storage containers. I’m just lazy, OK? I’m like seriously lazy the day after I stuff my […]