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#502LeaderSeries No. 29: Amanda Melcher-Magee | @FrugalFitFashionista On Living Debt Free

I came across Amanda Melcher-Magee via her Instagram feed @FrugalFitFashionista and a post that she made where she stated that she and her husband had paid down over $150k in debt in three years really got my attention. After a little looking around on her page, I quickly realized that we had gone to high […]

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Date Night Is What You Make It [#FrugalFitFashionista]

Close your eyes for just a moment and imagine someone who is frugal. What do they look like? What kind of car do they drive? What kind of house do they live in? What kind of clothing are they wearing? What does their hair look like? What kind of shoes are they wearing? I bet […]

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What Living On A Budget Has Taught Me About Gratitude

Three years ago my husband and I said “I do” in our 1960s Hikes Point brick ranch. I’d been married before; ten years prior my ex-husband and I did the big church wedding and upscale reception, and I learned through my experience that a lavish affair, which would ultimately sink us further into debt, didn’t […]

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Frugality Builds Self-Confidence And Community [#FrugalFitFashionista no. 4]

Would you ever think that frugality could help you be a more self-confident individual? I’m here to tell you that it can! I attribute my growing self-confidence in part to the frugal lifestyle I’ve been leading for the past three years.  Living a frugal lifestyle is pretty basic and simple. You just don’t spend money […]

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Live Below Your Means To Get Out Of Debt, Save, And Give

Living below your means so that you can free up cash to get out of debt, save, and give generously is something you can do IF you have a written plan and follow it. You have probably heard your mom or dad say this old and extremely irritating cliché phrase a thousand times: “if you […]

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Treat Yo’ Self While Living On A Budget (Or Lose Your Sh!t)

Scott and I have been on our debt-free journey for three years now and let me just tell you, it downright sucks at times to not be able to treat ourselves. Lately, the last three years have felt like three decades. We are on the cusp of summer and, this year, my family isn’t going […]