About Brian Eichenberger

Brian Eichenberger is a freelance writer, social marketer, podcaster and consultant and resident creative strategist for Insider Louisville. He is a diehard music fan, film junkie, husband, and dad who tries to read a book a week. Hear him goof off Mondays via iTunes or Louisville.am on his latest podcast, Soapbox Heroes, along with comedian Matt Molchen.

Recent Articles By Brian

Eureka Moments

The Best Advice I’ve Ever Received

The cold, hard truth is that you aren’t all that smart, but there’s a life hack for that. Start here with this advice!

Eureka Moments

Is Magic Real?

“But most days I would rather believe in magic.” #EurekaMoments

Stuff We Love

It’s All About The Smell #StuffWeLove

Scents can take you to personal and specific places. Freshly-mowed grass, chocolate chip cookies, rain on warm cement –  the aroma of each can mean specific and different things to every person. 

Eureka Moments

No Such Thing As Mundane #TheEichLife

Rethink what you would normally consider “mundane.” #TheEichLife

Eureka Moments

Play It Again, Sam #TheEichLife

Savor it. All of it. Trust me. #TheEichLife

Eureka Moments

Dreaming on a Whim #TheEichLife

Below is a list (in no particular order) of things that – at some point in my life – I thought I wanted (and maybe a few that I still do).

Better You

One Passion at a Time

There is a certain magic, empowerment and spiritualism in the idea that anyone can change the world.

Eureka Moments

Hit Send [#TheEichLife no.95]

At lunch with co-workers this week, the subject of a former colleague losing her dad was mentioned.  “I should text her and say we are thinking about her,” someonesaid off-handedly. Then she removed her phone from her pocket and nodded at us.  “I am going to do it right now,” she said. The rest of us smiled.  “I’d forget otherwise,” I said.  “Me, too,” agreed someone else.  We were all […]

Eureka Moments

So Long, Grandma [#TheEichLife]

A few days before Christmas, my grandmother passed from this life.  She outlived my grandpa and most of her siblings. My mom and dad, brother and sister and I found plane tickets and an Airbnb and gathered with extended family in Denver for a funeral and a few meals together. Tomorrow her children will bury […]

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