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Brian Eichenberger is a freelance writer, social marketer, podcaster and consultant and resident creative strategist for Insider Louisville. He is a diehard music fan, film junkie, husband, and dad who tries to read a book a week. Hear him goof off Mondays via iTunes or Louisville.am on his latest podcast, Soapbox Heroes, along with comedian Matt Molchen.

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Eureka Moments

Christmas Playlist [#TheEichLife no.93]

My brother sent me a link last night to the new album from a little-known pop band we both like from Texas. It’s entitled “Baby, It’s Cold War Outside” and – you guessed it – is a cheeky take on a Christmas album.  “Christmas albums always crack me up,” he typed – a statement I […]

Eureka Moments

Bold As Love [#TheEichLife no.92]

Almost exactly two years ago, I was published on these pages for the first time with this opening paragraph: It’s been a weird week. No one is going to argue about that. And forget parties and preferences and candidates for a second. Just look at how we have all started to treat each other and […]

Eureka Moments

Singing In The Shower [#TheEichLife no.91 #EurekaMoments]

I am both familiar with and a fan of singing in the shower.  But I usually partake in this practice when I am in my house. Alone. But the guy in the shower stall next to me at the gym this morning? He wasn’t just singing (or, to be fair, it was really aggressive humming). […]

Eureka Moments

Play It Again, Sam [#TheEichLife no.90 #EurekaMoments]

I used to listen to the radio, waiting for the opening strains of a particular song. My fingers were sweating, poised and preparing to pressurize the “play” and “record” button at the same time. I was keeping the radio low. My preacher Dad didn’t think I needed to be listening to this.  The announcer said […]

Eureka Moments

This Little Light [#TheEichLife no.89 #EurekaMoments]

There is a continued comfort to physical light for me.

Eureka Moments

Compassion And Consequence [#TheEichLife no.88]

Sometimes consequences are important. But compassion matters all the time.

Eureka Moments

Test Driving The Dream [#TheEichLife no.87]

Below is a list (in no particular order) of things that – at some point in my life – I thought I wanted (and maybe a few that I still do). The Batmobile Long heavy metal hair To look like a member of the Beatles A ticket to a Michael W. Smith concert (circa 1991) […]

Eureka Moments

Free TV [#TheEichLife no.86]

11 years ago – right before flat-screen TVs hit an affordable price point – I decided to buy a television. I had a little bit of money and wanted a much bigger screen than I’d ever had before. It was time to go from a 19-inch television to a 32-inch TV. I was going to […]

Eureka Moments

Hold My Hand [#TheEichLife no. 84]

Stephen and Kevin were a few years ahead of me. They were misfit in the parochial middle school, wearing long jackets and hairstyles the handbook didn’t validate. I knew they were trouble, but also knew enough to realize that kids like that had access to things I didn’t. And I was too naïve to worry […]