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Better You

Go Ahead. Sell Out.

  Maybe you’ve seen it already. Maybe you haven’t. But poke around on Facebook for a few minutes and you are likely to come across it in some cousin’s feed. It’s the latest video from rock band OK Go and it’s called “The One Moment” and it’s been viewed over 17 million times in the […]

Better You

Thanks For Pouring Your Heart Out

  My friend Megan told me some years ago that when she finished reading The Dud Avocado she wrote a letter to novelist Elaine Dundy to thank her for her work. “I don’t know. It just really impacted me and I thought she should know,” she offered in way of explanation. This struck me as […]

Better You

Be Like Steve

  It’s been a weird week. No one is going to argue about that. And forget parties and preferences and candidates for a second. Just look at how we have all started to treat each other and take a deep breath. As I drove out of downtown this afternoon, navigating the traffic and the finally […]