About Chris Hughes

Chris Hughes is a Louisville native who spent his years after college exploring the southeast only to discover that Louisville is the best place to call home. Chris is on a quest to rediscover the city in all of its "massive creativity and massive weirdness" - to experience all the things he never had the chance to before, to explore all of the things that sprung up after he left in 2010 and to share about it here at Yes Louisville. He is a youth pastor, writer and an aspiring amateur podcast host. Tune in to "You Gotta Watch That" on the podcasting app of your choice to hear his hot takes on old movies.

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Get Going

Listening to My Body [#ReDiscoverLou no.2]

Set goals. Work. And ALWAYS listen to your body. #ReDiscoverLou

Get Going

Nice to Meet You [#ReDiscoverLou]

I could not have known then that I would miss Louisville as much as I did when I left for the far off land of North Carolina for grad school some nine years ago now. At the time I was filled to the brim with the youthful zeal of getting out and seeing the world. […]