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4 Ways To Get Better Results In The Gym

I follow these 4 rules daily. If you ever take one of my classes or training sessions, you will definitely hear about sleep, water, and every workout will have a proper warm up and cool down. Exercise should be viewed as a way to improve energy, lifestyle and alleviate stress not just weight loss goals. […]

Better You

The Importance Of Mixing Up Training

  The change in the seasons is the perfect time to get out of a workout rut and explore new and exciting fitness routines. I’ll be the first to admit that I have my favorite go-to classes when I need to break a sweat, but I’ve learned that stepping outside of my comfort zone always proves […]

Better You

Tips For Healthy Joints

STAY IN MOTION It’s the golden rule of joint health: The more you move, the less stiffness you’ll have. I hear many people say that moving hurts and that why they don’tBut in all reality you have to “push through” and move.  It doesn’t have to be fast or hard but movement increases lubrication around […]