About Danielle Huenefeld

By day, Danielle Huenefeld is a product manager at Forest Giant, a design and development firm focused on building software experiences. By night (and weekend), she is the co-founder of Sour Mash Tours, Louisville’s guided, walking bourbon tour experience. In her free time, she enjoys eating and drinking at her favorite local restaurants and bars, playing (or rather, learning to play) guitar, traveling, hosting gatherings, and finding some time to do absolutely nothing at all.

Recent Articles By Danielle

Neighborhood Voices

The Diner Up The Street #OldLouisville

Sometimes the overlooked places closest to us, like the diner up the street, are the biggest hidden gems!

Neighborhood Voices

The Living Room Series #OldLouisville

Want the perfect night out but also to chill in the living room? You can have both. #OldLouisville

Neighborhood Voices

THE St. James Court Art Show #OldLouisville

It’s not just an art show…it’s THE art show of the year. #OldLouisville

Neighborhood Voices

North Lime Love #OldLouisville

We’re okay that it started in Lexington, because it’s growing in Louisville now! #OldLouisville

Neighborhood Voices

New Eyes on Old Louisville #NeighborhoodVoices

We can’t wait to get to know Old Louisville with Danielle! #NeighborhoodVoices