About Deniece Krebs

I believe with all my heart that every single person was divinely created for a specific purpose. Sadly, when our health is anything but optimal, we are unable to fulfill that purpose and are not living the abundant life promised. Together we explore your unique puzzle pieces and crack TheCodeOfYOU! through discovering your genetic blueprint, uncovering epigenetic influences on your blueprint through lifestyle choices and environmental exposures, exploring your journey thus far, and your dreams for your future. Then I provide insights, possibilities, education, and solutions for the next best step in your optimal wellness journey. My goal is to empower you to own your health naturally. Don’t cower down when someone discounts your innate wisdom about your own health. Stand tall. Turn over every stone. Seek a coach who will journey with you because you know yourself better than anyone else (besides your Creator)!

Deniece Krebs, CHC, CEOC

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