About Shelby Lemaster

I’m Shelby Lemaster, a 26-year-old, Eastern Kentucky transplant with a tremendous love for the city of Louisville. I’m an alumnus of U of L where I received my Bachelor’s in English Literature. Soon I’ll be pursuing my post-baccalaureate certificate in paralegal studies. I live my life to the fullest and wholeheartedly believe in the powers of myself, positivity, and kindness. I like stepping out of my comfort zone and breaking stereotypes that are often conceived of fat people especially in regards to fashion, dating, and lifestyle. I’m passionate about helping others, music, and style. In my free time I love to go out, dance, spend time with loved ones, enjoy the bourbon that our fine state has to offer, and spread joy. I’m ecstatic to be a contributing member of the Yes Louisville team and hope to shed light on the topics of body positivity and mental health.

Recent Articles By Shelby

Better You

Running On Empty #FleurDeFat

You can’t drive on an empty tank. Do what you need to do to fill it. #FleurDeFat

Better You

Plus Size Bride Pt. 2 #FleurDeFat

Shelby’s bridal dress-up day was a body positive blast! #FleurDeFat

Better You

Don’t Be a People Pleaser [#FleurDeFat #BetterYou]

I try to live my life as positively as I can, but somedays, that’s a struggle to say the least.

Better You

Plus Size Bride Pt. 1 #FleurDeFat

Listen ladies, you can own that full body flair everywhere…even down the aisle. #FleurDeFat

Better You

Coming and Staying Out #FleurDeFat

Celebrate who you are. All the time. Without hesitation. Without compromise. #FleurDeFat

Better You

Green Pastures #FleurDeFat no.9

Green pastures don’t grow without a little rain. #FleurDeFat

Better You

Rain Rain, Go Away [#FleurDeFat no.8]

Weather whiplash got you down? Snap out of the funk w/ tips from #FleurDeFat!

Better You

Resolving Resolutions [#FleurDeFat no.7]

New year, new me? With every new year, it seems as though resolutions grow more and more prevalent whether on the internet, via ads, talking with friends, or strangers even. I’ve always found the idea of New Year’s resolutions to be strange and trying for me. As someone who has been overweight all my life, […]

Better You

Tinsel Tightrope [#FleurDeFat no.6]

The holidays are both a joyous and stressful time of year. I’m at a place in my life where this time of year is changing from years past and I’ve been surprised, anxious, and grateful for that. I recently got engaged (it’s been almost two months and that’s still strange to type) and we had […]