About Grace Leon

Born and raised in St. Louis, Grace came to Louisville in 2012 to attend Bellarmine University, after graduating she felt pulled to continue pursuing personal training and Pilates at Proformance. She has had a passion for health & fitness since high school, everything from CrossFit, to bodybuilding to yoga, she has tried it all. She believes that there is no end all be all to a ‘healthy’ lifestyle. It all starts with YOU, you must believe in yourself and know that YOU have everything inside of you to change your life.
After dieting for years, she has learned that to truly live and be happy, you must have BALANCE in your life. The word dieting does not exist in her vocabulary. She has learned that the mind, body and soul are all in conjunction. When you’re mind, body and soul are all in alignment, you are living your highest potential. When she isn’t training, she enjoys yoga, reading, hiking, meditation, bubble baths and relaxing with her friends.

Recent Articles By Grace

Better You

Morning Routine For Success [#LifeWithGrace]

It’s 6:30 am and your alarm is going off, you roll over and instantly look at your phone. Checking your email, seeing who posted what on social media, you immediately fill your brain with everything that you need to get done for the day. This causes your flight or fight to turn on and stay […]

Better You

Healthy Holiday Habits [#LifeWithGrace]

One saying that I hear most often over the holidays is “I’ll start getting in shape after the holidays are over.” This statement is popular among our nation because people feel like with all the parties and holiday treats they just can’t possibly start any sort of diet or workout regimen. I’m not saying you […]

Better You

Essential Oils & You [#LifeWithGrace]

Within the last year, essential oils have become quite popular. They have been around for years but recently I see them more and more in stores and online. They are made from distilling or extracting different parts of plants, flowers, leaves, seeds, roots, peels, etc. In ancient times, they were made by soaking the plants […]

Better You

Chasing Happiness While Crushing Goals [#LifeWithGrace no. 1]

How often do you tell yourself you’ll be happy when you get that job, hit that goal weight, buy that house, etc. I used to tell myself that when I got a certain something or reached a certain point, I would be happy. Why? Why do we live in a society where we always want […]