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Jason Mudd is the co-founder of YesLouisville and is a small business owner in Louisville, Ky. In addition to writing, speaking, and video production, he loves to spend time with his wife and daughter, read, bicycle, and peel back the onion that is life.

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#502LeaderSeries: Our Chat With Pat Day

In honor of the Justify Triple Crown win we are pulling one of our fave 502 Leader Series podcasts out of the archive…Our Chat With Pat Day! Enjoy!   Pat Day is one of the most genuine, down to earth, humble, and faithful people I’ve ever met. I was privileged to sit down with Pat at […]

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Anissa Neubauer On Adoption And Being A Boss #YesBrandsAudibleExperience

When a friend tells you that they’re adopting, a lot of people instantly think of a scene that traditional media has shown us- people traveling abroad to help kids in dire circumstances have a chance at a better life. And while this, in no way, is attempting to take away from the need for assistance […]

#YesProTips: Being An Expert Isn’t What You Think

Malcolm Gladwell is known for making the 10,000-hour principle popular and, while I don’t discredit its merit, I do think it that the real hero is a bit more simplified: repetition. Don Miguel Ruiz outlines this very well in the book The Four Agreements. So well, in fact, that it is part of the required […]

Eureka Moments

How To Hold Your Camera To Eliminate Camera Shake

I think we can all agree that, on some level, we’re all photographers. And taking better pictures can greatly improve our personal brands and businesses. If you’re reading this blog, it can be assumed that you carry with you an iPhone or Android phone, which houses a camera that can knock the pants off anything […]

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Bout Time Podcast on Mudd Time [#MuddManDoesThings]

Ladies and Birdies (CAW CAW) welcome to THIS Friday episode of BOUT TIME!! This week we have producer of content, Yes Louisville very own Jason Mudd!!! Sean and Patrick give Jason a 10 questions straight from the bunker!!! Questions such as: What movie traumatize you as a kid, most embarrassing moment, and what is success! Feel free to […]

Eureka Moments

On Faith [#TheEichLife no. 77]

Bad faith. That is the term my friend gave me for it. He is probably my smartest friend and when I tried to describe the feeling I wanted him to coin a name for, I had barely started talking before he handily offered me this: “Bad faith. Everyone’s need to discredit everything,” he succinctly defined. […]

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A Simple Hack To Get A Better Coffeeshop Experience [#YesBetterTips]

This tip, in all honesty, seems like a no-brainer, but as I sit here at one of my favorite coffee-imbibement establishments in Louisville, I look around and see that none of my fellow work-from-anywhere folks are taking advantage of this simple trick. I’m going to lay it out bluntly here- for the best experience at […]

Better You

Success Is Intentional: 52 Habits of Successful People

Success is intentional. There are a multitude of habits that come together to help someone achieve success on a daily level. Can you incorporate some of these ideas into your daily life? How could these thoughts help you to be better? “1. They don’t rationalize or trivialize failure — and stop themselves when they are […]

Eureka Moments

The Elements Of Growth

I think we’re in a period where coaching is becoming more and more accepted for the average person. By the way- I hate that term ‘average person’. There is no average person. We’re all different. But for argument’s sake, let’s use it to account for the general populous. You can see it in your social […]