About Jason Mudd

Jason Mudd is a native Louisvillian and is proud to call this amazing city home. He is the father of an energetic girl named Carter Jean.

Career-wise, he is the Executive Officer of Yes Brands LLC, the partner at Yes Working at 965Baxter.com (coworking space), and the EO of Positive Properties (Real Estate Development).

He attributes all of his success in life to being kind and saying 'Yes' to positive opportunities. He would also LOVE it if you would check out our podcast channel at podcast.yesbrands.org. It's The Yes Brands Audible Experience and it's all about living a better life!

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Stuff We Love

When Was The Last Time Age Mattered When You Were Attracted To Someone? [#StuffWeLove]

In a world focused on youth & beauty, Sharon Marx reminds us to embrace life (& LOVE) at every age. At age 71, after years of research and the lessons of personal experience, author Sharon Marx set out to explore the realities of dating later in life & to share her findings in her book […]


Harness The ‘I Am’ To Evolve [#TheDailyYes]

Two words. a short phrase, a preface, or whatever you want to call it- ‘I am’ is a powerful pair of words that can have a tremendous effect on how a person sees themselves. Welcome to #TheDailyYes. The idea is simple- we are sharing some of the quotes, phrases, and pearls of wisdom that have […]

Eureka Moments

Let Me Introduce You To My Homie Serendipity [#OnMuddsMind]

I’m Jason Mudd and I’m the creator of Yes Louisville and Yes Brands. You may have noticed that our podcast channel has had a name change from ‘The Yes Brands Audible Experience’ to ‘The Serendipitous Channel’. You may have wondered what this means and why it happened. Thank you for asking! I appreciate those questions! […]

Louisville Leaders

Give Plant Play [#502LeaderSeries]

Louisville is blessed to have amazing green spaces in & around the metro area for people to enjoy their favorite activities & reap the benefits of just spending time outdoors! Not only has Mother Nature blessed us with natural spaces, we have amazing people intentionally investing in the future development of our parks & their […]


Have You Seen Any Homeless Tonight – #TheDailyYes

We are a busy and complicated lot, aren’t we? If you think about the lives that we live today there is a lot being done with an outward focus. This is overall a good thing. But I think we’ve all had an experience on one side of the fence or the other in a situation […]


Embrace The Process – Yespiration no.21 #TheDailyYes

Goals are set every day. Particularly with regard to finances and quality of life. I have heard many people say things like “when I make $75k per year, I’ll be happy” or “when my savings gets to $xyz, I’ll be able to relax and enjoy life”. At one point I was saying stuff like that […]

Better You

4 am. That’s When. #OnMuddsMind

It’s 4:51am exactly right now. I love this time of day- if you haven’t spent much time up around this time I would encourage you to do so. It’s a magical time of day- there is a neat energy that you feel simply by being awake.  It’s cool- you don’t think about it very often […]


Do This And You Will Never Let Yourself Down – Yespiration no.20 #TheDailyYes

It’s an amazing time to be alive, isn’t it? The technology that we embrace as part of our daily lives has drastically shifted our entire society. The way we communicate, work, relax, monetize, and even date have been affected. We are pulled in many directions. But one thing that has remained the same is how […]


Don’t Make an [INSERT NASTY WORD] Out Of You And Me – Yespiration no.19 #TheDailyYes

What if someone called you ‘arrogant’ or that you ‘took too much for granted’? What would you think about having that label placed on you? Would you question what you did to incite that sort of description? You probably should, especially if you’re starting to take into account what I talked about in agreement one […]