About Jason Mudd

Jason Mudd is a native Louisvillian and is proud to call this amazing city home. He is the father of an energetic girl named Carter Jean.

Career-wise, he is the Executive Officer of Yes Brands LLC, the partner at Yes Working at 965Baxter.com (coworking space), and the EO of Positive Properties (Real Estate Development).

He attributes all of his success in life to being kind and saying 'Yes' to positive opportunities. He would also LOVE it if you would check out our podcast channel at podcast.yesbrands.org. It's The Yes Brands Audible Experience and it's all about living a better life!

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Eureka Moments

New York’s MoMA Offers Free Online Art Classes

Now we’ve all heard the saying about asking Michaelangelo to “teach me to paint like you” so don’t walk into this thinking you’re going to turn into a regular Van Gogh or even Markus Palmer.

Eureka Moments

Would You Look At That (Just Look At It) #Mahatmudd

Would you look at that? Just look at it. You might just have a little laugh. 😆 😂

Better You

#InnovateCorona: 10 Tips For Staying Sane, Safe, & Sensible During The CV Pandemic

We will get through this together, and better days will eventually come. Until then, we will join together to do what we can, when we can, for whom we can, and how we can because we understand why we can. Staying Sane,

Better You

#TheGreatPause2020 | Be Grateful And Do Things To Make Life After The Crisis Better

Be extra grateful to those who are showing up for work, nurses and doctors (but mainly nurses) who are helping to heal people, and pretty much anyone who is keeping things running. I appreciate each and every one of you! Keep up the fantastic work!

Louisville Leaders

#502LeaderSeries: Nermin Djulalich Part 3- Immigrant Entrepreneur Learns The Ropes

So many people think they want to be number one in the organization, but they have no idea that the reality is much different than what they think. #502LeaderSeries

Louisville Leaders

#502LeaderSeries: This Refugee Immigrant Found The Key To Becoming A Thriving Entrepreneur

we know that pain and adversity can bring out some amazing traits in the right people, and today Nermin is a thriving entrepreneur and mentor in our wonderful city of Louisville.

Better You

This CRAZY Coffee Hack Will Change Your Life! #TipsToLiveBetter

Some people will look at you funny. Others will take note to do the same on their next visit. If you happen to be in the company of another human being, they’ll no doubt give you a solid nod and make a positive mental note as well

Better You

How You Should Really Support Someone in Emotional Pain

The best 3 ways you can show emotional support when someone is in emotional pain.