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Jason Mudd attributes all of his success in life to being kind and saying 'Yes' to positive opportunities. Please follow me on the web by searching @SocialMudd.

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Louisville Leaders

Michelle Dayvault Talks Empowerment Through Dress for Success [#502LeaderSeries]

Michelle Dayvault sat down with Jason Mudd to talk Dress for Success & the professional empowerment it provides for women across the nation. Contrary to common belief, DFS is much more than an outfit for an interview. They also provide a support network & development tools that help women achieve economic independence & confidence in […]

Louisville Leaders

Amabelle Camba Talks Being a Voice for Children With CASA [#502LeaderSeries]

We sat down with Amabelle Camba of CASA River Region to talk about what it means to be a voice for children engaged in the family court system as a court-appointed special advocate. It sounds intimidating, but anyone can do it! Amabelle herself volunteered for CASA long before becoming an employee & experienced firsthand the […]

Louisville Leaders

Tyler Chesser Talks #ProsperLouisville on the #Podcast

Change is hard. And big change is even harder. Louisville is at a juncture when it comes to growth and what we, as a community, really want our city to be long term. And I’m not talking 5 years. The things we do now, in the next 18 months, will have a huge impact on where Louisville fits into the mix as our overall world economy is changing and advancing. What kind of ‘Louisville’ do you want your great great great grandkids living in?

Louisville Leaders

Karyn Moskowitz Talks New Roots and Fresh Food For All #502LeaderSeries #Podcast

Karyn Moskowitz founded New Roots in 2009 with the belief that ‘fresh food is a basic human right’. She has since used her platform to champion for ways to help every person who wants it to have access to fresh, healthy food in-season, regardless of their income level. ”This organization was founded on the belief […]

Louisville Leaders

Molly Caldwell Talks Kentucky State Parks #502LeaderSeries

Molly Caldwell stopped by the Yes HQ to chat with Jason Mudd for episode 84 of the #502LeaderSeries show! Take the next 29 minutes and learn about her journey through the non-profit world and how she is helping to bring attention to our amazing Kentucky State Parks network. If you step back and look at all the state […]

Eureka Moments

Yes Reflects on 9/11

The Yes Brands team had their morning meeting a little differently today. Jason Mudd, CEO of Yes, asked everyone to share their experience of how they became aware of the events on September 11, 17 years ago. If you’re in Louisville, KY on 9/11/2018, join us at the Big Four Bridge at 7:30 pm for […]

Louisville Leaders

Ben Sollee Says (C)Hello on the #502LeaderSeries

Ben Sollee + Lori Mangum = Episode 83 of the #502LeaderSeries Podcast!

Louisville Leaders

Amanda Dare- Girl Boss #502LeaderSeries Podcast

Amanda Dare started her clothing business, The New Blak, to scratch her own itch. She couldn’t find sustainable, fashion-forward clothing that was affordable, so she made it herself. Listen to the #502LeaderSeries Podcast NOW But being the boss isn’t always glamor and money. She talks about the grit, the long nights, and the stress. But […]

Louisville Leaders

Entrepreneurs In Elementary School

“Their poise and engagement are what most impressed us about these young business owners. They may be kids, but they’ve got passion and they’ve done their homework.”