About Jason Mudd

Jason Mudd is a native Louisvillian and is proud to call this amazing city home. He is the father of an energetic girl named Carter Jean.

Career-wise, he is the Executive Officer of Yes Brands LLC, the partner at Yes Working at 965Baxter.com (coworking space), and the EO of Positive Properties (Real Estate Development).

He attributes all of his success in life to being kind and saying 'Yes' to positive opportunities. He would also LOVE it if you would check out our podcast channel at podcast.yesbrands.org. It's The Yes Brands Audible Experience and it's all about living a better life!

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Stuff We Love

Clearing Out the Content Clutter #StuffWeLove

One of the best upgrades you can make in your life is the type of content you consume, and we have a great method to do it!

Eureka Moments

Listen To This Podcast Episode Featuring Jamie Foxx #OnMuddsMind

The world of podcasts and audiobooks literally changed my life. I have learned and thus questioned so much since I started consuming audible content.

Eureka Moments

From Harley Hooligan To Entrepreneur And Soon To Be Mayor #DonutPicnic Podcast

I met Leticia Cline when I was doing the WERA motorcycle road racing thing. She struck me from the beginning as a rabble-rouser, and I mean that in all the best ways. She wasn’t afraid to get dirty, and she could clean up better than anyone else. She has transcended societal lines to the point […]

Better You

Twisting Time #OnMuddsMind

There are two skills that I’m finding successful people have that contribute heavily to the level of their achievements. #OnMuddsMind

Eureka Moments

How Vacuuming The Floor Can Change Your Life #OnMuddsMind

I was just vacuuming a room (not at my house) after I was asked to check out a vacuum that wouldn’t work. I’m good at fixing things- I get asked stuff like this all the time, so I checked it out. I ran through the thing and turned it on and it seemed fine, except […]

Eureka Moments

Instagram and the Mug Experience [#YesBetterTips]

Do yourself a favor next time you’re at Fante’s Coffee, Heine Bros, Safai, or Highland Coffee.

Eureka Moments

It Only Goes Up From Here

How many of our problems end up being the catalyst we need to make a change?

Better You

Like Mama Used To Make #AnooshKnows

For a lot of people, your mother is the best cook in the world, and the dishes that she or your father made for you growing up have helped to shape what your favorite foods are as an adult.

Better You

9 Secrets To A Happy And Successful Life #OnMuddsMind

1. Do not answer calls from unrecognized phone numbers. 2. Do not e-mail first thing in the morning or last thing at night. 3. Do not agree to meetings or calls with no clear agenda or end time. 4. Do not let people ramble. 5. Do not check e-mail constantly. “Batch” & check at set […]