About Jason Mudd

Jason Mudd is a native Louisvillian and is proud to call this amazing city home. He is the father of an energetic girl named Carter Jean.

Career-wise, he is the Executive Officer of Yes Brands LLC, the partner at Yes Working at 965Baxter.com (coworking space), and the EO of Positive Properties (Real Estate Development).

He attributes all of his success in life to being kind and saying 'Yes' to positive opportunities. He would also LOVE it if you would check out our podcast channel at podcast.yesbrands.org. It's The Yes Brands Audible Experience and it's all about living a better life!

Recent Articles By Jason

Louisville Leaders

I Saw The Sign (And It Opened Up My Eyes) [#502LeaderSeries]

Everywhere you go, no matter where it is on this wonderful living rock that we call Earth, there are people that want to sell you something. But, before they can sell you something, anything, they must first get your attention.  In this week’s #502LeaderSeries Podcast, Jason Mudd & Lori Mangum sat down with Signarama Downtown […]

Eureka Moments

Jog Off [#OnMuddsMind]

I was traveling this week. I had a goal that I set for myself before we left- I wanted to start running. I have been cycling lately but it wasn’t feasible to bring my bicycle. Keeping up my fitness has become very important to me…So… This trip was the perfect time to do a different […]

Eureka Moments

You’re Doing It Wrong [#GetBetter]

Everyone that is reading this has a realization that they need to come to: YOU are a media company. The rise of social media (read: the internet) has made the content that you post and upload carry just as much, if not more, weight than your typical media outlets. And that comes from the trust […]

Stuff We Love

Louisville Shook Like An Earthquake On April 8, 2013 [#StillGotIt]

People are funny. We’re quirky. We’re each unique while being cut from the same cloth. And how we can weave into one another’s lives is part of what makes the human experience just that…an experience. The impact that a person can make on another human being in an instant is a magical thing. That impression…the […]

Better You

Fifty-Two Equals Success

Success is intentional. There are a multitude of habits that come together to help someone achieve success on a daily level. Can you incorporate some of these ideas into your daily life? How could these thoughts help you to be better? “1. They don’t rationalize or trivialize failure — and stop themselves when they are […]

Louisville Leaders

Who’s Your Daddy? [#502LeaderSeries]

People don’t often think about it until they’re in a situation, but fathers have a tough time in our society. Throw in a relationship that went south, and now some dads have to prove that they’re good dads, just to simply BE dads. Dr. Georgia Turner, executive director of 2 Not 1, sat down with […]

Stuff We Love

You Cold? Put On A Coat! [FreeCoatExchange.org Friday Nov. 23]

When you’re cold- you put on a coat, right? That’s a no-brainer solution for anyone that’s cold and has a coat. But what if you don’t have a coat? And you don’t have the money to buy a coat? Or worse yet- your kid doesn’t have a coat and you can’t afford to buy them […]

Stuff We Love

The 90-Year-Old That Still Gets Me Excited [#OnMuddsMind]

the solution to negativity isn’t positivity- it’s warmth…

Better You

The Price Is Wrong [#OnMuddsMind]

I see so many people who comment on things and make judgments that center around one thing: Price. And it confuses me so much how we have, as a society, gotten in the habit of being more concerned with price, the monetary cost of something, rather than the value it adds to our lives. It […]