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Better You

Choose Gratitude #InspireTheCity

We can’t control the world around us, but we can control how we respond to it. #InspireTheCity

Eureka Moments

Serial Restauranteur Kevin Grangier On Parking Lot Music #502BusinessBuilders Podcast

Our #502BusinessBuilders series is brought to you by The Offices at Yes Working. Yes Working is a shared workspace (cowork) located in the Highlands. It offers blazing fast internet, refreshments, meeting spaces, and resources to help you do work better. Check them out on Instagram at @YesWorking and at Louisville is home to quite […]

Eureka Moments

The Art Of Trick-Or-Treating In The Rain #OnMuddsMind

Today is Halloween. And it’s raining. I know its raining because I got soaked leaving Starbucks. When I sat down at my computer I saw this meme which was shared by a single mom on Facebook and there is a line in it that really made me think- “What would your mom have done on […]

Eureka Moments

When Text Based Communication Writes It’s Own Story #OnMuddsMind

I have been a person that for years has reveled in the fact that my mobile phone was rarely used as a phone. I loved communicating via text. And I still do, but I’ve been thinking lately about how many times texting has sent the wrong message or been interpreted the wrong way.  Why do […]

Stuff We Love

Clearing Out the Content Clutter #StuffWeLove

One of the best upgrades you can make in your life is the type of content you consume, and we have a great method to do it!

Eureka Moments

Listen To This Podcast Episode Featuring Jamie Foxx #OnMuddsMind

The world of podcasts and audiobooks literally changed my life. I have learned and thus questioned so much since I started consuming audible content.

Eureka Moments

From Harley Hooligan To Entrepreneur And Soon To Be Mayor #DonutPicnic Podcast

I met Leticia Cline when I was doing the WERA motorcycle road racing thing. She struck me from the beginning as a rabble-rouser, and I mean that in all the best ways. She wasn’t afraid to get dirty, and she could clean up better than anyone else. She has transcended societal lines to the point […]

Better You

Twisting Time #OnMuddsMind

There are two skills that I’m finding successful people have that contribute heavily to the level of their achievements. #OnMuddsMind

Eureka Moments

How Vacuuming The Floor Can Change Your Life #OnMuddsMind

I was just vacuuming a room (not at my house) after I was asked to check out a vacuum that wouldn’t work. I’m good at fixing things- I get asked stuff like this all the time, so I checked it out. I ran through the thing and turned it on and it seemed fine, except […]