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#502LeaderSeries Podcast: Markus Palmer

  We sat down with Mark Palmer, co-founder of local advertising agency Oohologyand web design firm Makespace. Mark is a libertarian and he spends much of his time and resources on growing his knowledge base- basically making his comfort zone as large as possible. He has a genuine love for what he does and drives […]

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#502LeaderSeries Podcast: Sean Smith

Sean Smith (@SeanSmyph) is a family resource coordinator in our schools and a local comedian. Sean is one of those people that doesn’t always get the accolades but there are many kids in Louisville who are lucky to have Sean in their lives. He works during the day to give kids things they need to […]

Louisville Leaders

#502LeaderSeries Podcast: Cynthia Williams

  I reached out to Cynthia Williams because I came across social media posts for her new endeavor, 502 Fit Pass and thought it was a fantastic idea. Turns out she is a pretty cool person that is enthusiastic about helping make it easy and fun for people to get fit and stay fit. And […]

Louisville Leaders

#502LeaderSeries Podcast: Kevin Grangier

  You may not have heard the name Kevin Grangier, but you’ve likely read some of the national headlines about his restaurants Le Moo and The Village Anchor. We sat down with Kevin last week at Le Moo for episode 7 of the #502LeaderSeries. Kevin gave us some great words on what it takes to […]

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#502LeaderSeries Podcast: Chef John Castro

  Chef John Castro might not be a household name but if you’ve been in Louisville for a while you’ve probably eaten his food or food from someone that he has taught. John Castro was a Chef instructor at Sullivan University for a number of years and is the co-creator of Yang Kee Noodle, the […]

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#502LeaderSeries Podcast: Pat Day

  In this episode we were fortunate to sit down with Kentucky Derby winning jockey Pat Day. Pat Day, for many, is a household name. He is one of the winningest jockeys ever to ride a horse. The horses he has ridden have amassed nearly $300 million in winnings. He has also succumbed to the […]

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#502LeaderSeries Podcast: Mark Hogg

  I was able to sit down with Mark Hogg from Waterstep International a few weeks ago. Mark is the CEO of this great organization that works to bring clean water to people around the world. I thought this was especially fitting to post today on Thanksgiving. It is amazing how much we take for […]

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#502LeaderSeries Podcast: Buddy Howard

  Buddy Howard has been my pastor for 7 years. He’s someone that tells the truth & doesn’t sugar coat things but he tells you what you need to hear when you need to hear it. It takes a special person to be able to deliver a message that hurts sometimes and there isn’t a better […]

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#502LeaderSeries Podcast: Angie Fenton

  I had the privilege of chatting with Angie Fenton from Extol Magazine a few months ago. That conversation ended up being the first episode of the 502 Leader Series Podcast originally posted on Since we’ve started Yes, Louisville it seems fitting to post it here also as the purpose of the podcast and Yes, […]