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JC Phelps is a country boy turned Louisvillian - and he knows how to lead a well-lived, well-fed life in the Commonwealth. He shares his escapades on JCP Eats, his food, travel, & lifestyle blog.

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Elizabethtown: A True Kentucky Gem #HeyYall

In the mood for another day trip? Check out JC’s guide to the town just down the road!

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How To Make The Best Southern Chicken Salad #HeyYall

Best served on a buttery croissant. Warning: You’ll want more than one. #HeyYall

Get Going

Your Next Kentucky Day Trip #GetGoing

Looking for a day trip to take to get out of the city for a while? JC’s got you covered with this guide!

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Total Dough Nut [#HeyYall no. 8]

Hey, y’all!  I’ve been traveling a lot around the south for work as of late and it has invoked a lot of thought. I claim each day that I am proud to be a southerner; however, what is it that sparks such joy south of the Mason-Dixon? Is it that sweet mountain music?  Is it […]

Stuff We Love

Designing Derby [#HeyYall no.7]

It’s his first Derby as a Louisvillian & JC wants to hear from you what he can’t miss this season!

Eureka Moments

2019 Louisville Bucket List [#HeyYall]

Hey, y’all! The coming of the New Year typically induces us to make resolutions and goals to better our health, our lives, and our trajectories. In all honesty: new year, same me. Anyone else? With that said, I truly believe in setting obtainable goals – aspirations that comprise a bucket list, as opposed to those […]

Eureka Moments

Thankful Kentuckian [#YesGratitudeSeries]

What am I thankful for?  Many, many things. My grandmother who is my best friend, my confidant, and the one that supports me incessantly. My friends – some of which I truly consider to be family. My education. My freedom. My business. My sweet Muffie, a rescued kitty.  However, that’s not what I want to […]

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Fill Your Breeders’ Cup [#HeyYall no.5]

With the Fall Meet at Keeneland being over, most Kentucky-based horse racing enthusiasts (myself included) experience a sense of sadness. However, that isn’t the case this year – the Breeders’ Cup is going to be held at Churchill Downs! Coming to town this weekend, the Breeders’ Cup is a multi-million dollar extravaganza. It features the […]

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My Mint Experience At Bourbon And Beyond [#HeyYall no.4 #GetGoing]

Hey, y’all! As most Louisvillians know, our weekend at Bourbon and Beyond was cut short. While open, it was a muddy, rainy mess – but, it was still a heck of a good time. First and foremost, I want to thank the Bourbon and Beyond staff + the City of Louisville for putting the safety […]