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The idea of starting The S.V. Foundation was derived from my own story in recovery, a journey that had many twist and turns, times of feeling helpless and hopeless, like so many of my friends and family members who have been touched by this disease, an epidemic that is touching all sectors of our communities, rock bottom often becomes the foundation on which we can rebuild our lives. For me, it was never my last drink that I feared the most, nor was it accepting the brutal truth that I was powerless too my own internal battle with my addiction, my greatest fear towards recovery was the fear of the unknown, the fear that I didn't understand how to live a life in recovery. The S.V. Foundation is a charitable organization that focuses both on creating a lifestyle worth living while in recovery, through the foundations social movements like "The Mocktail Project," but we are also focused on the objective at hand, and that is to help offset the cost of rehabilitation for individuals who can't afford the help that they need to receive proper rehabilitation. It was a complete stranger's story who helped me to rebuild the foundation on which I live today, and now more than three years of healthy recovery alter I wanted to give back to the 25 year-old me that was once lost and hopeless, thus I started The S.V. Foundation.

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15 Thoughts From Living In A Van, Sober [#TheSoberVoyager]

15 thoughts from a sober guy living in a van. 1) It’s way more comfortable than the bathroom floor. 2) Although the sun is still bright when glaring through my bedroom window, it no longer hurts my head like it once did. 3) Sleeping in my car no longer equates to the chance of getting […]

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Would You Support A Movement Crafting Inclusivity? [#MocktailProject]

Did you know that foodallergry.org sites that nearly 4% of Americans or almost 15 million individuals in America suffer from adult food allergies on a yearly basis?  I ask the question; have you ever deliberately searched for a restaurant or social environment based on a friend or loved ones’ dietary restrictions?  Possibly you’re like one […]