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Soul Power #CrystalBallin

Dive in for a deeper look at the work of a medium…it’s not what you think. #CrystalBallin

Better You

Spring Clearing #CrystalBallin

Feel icky energy around you? Clear that mess up! #CrystalBallin

Better You

Is That a Crystal in Your Pocket? [#CrystalBallin]

Rock collecting is good for you. #CrystalBallin

Better You

Follow Your Gut [#CrystalBallin]

I’ve heard this so many times. I have always seen it as following your instinct or what you know and believe. It wasn’t until I started my spiritual journey that I saw this in a different way.   Our gut is where our sacral chakra and our solar plexus chakra are. The sacral chakra is […]

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You Want to Stick That Needle Where? [#CrystalBallin]

It has been far too long since I visited Louisville Community Acupuncture! I decided it was time to return. I have been struggling with some minor health issues and I love the holistic approach.  Before you go anywhere, I truly appreciate modern medicine as well. I scheduled my appointment online and made my way to […]

Better You

The Language of Love [#CrystalBallin]

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  We are all very different people and we know what we like. But…  do we know what our partners, friends, and families like? We are so good at our own love language that we sometimes do that to show others how we care. Your challenge this week is […]

Better You

Magical New Year [#CrystalBallin]

There is magic in the air at the beginning of a new year. We are setting new resolutions for ourselves and our lives. We are excited about these goals and we start out strong with great excitement. It’s as if the new year give us permission to start over. It gives us permission to forgive […]

Better You

Give Me All The Sugar [#CrystalBallin]

It’s amazing how food can affect my moods.  I wrote about depression in last month’s #CrystalBallin blog post.  Today, I want to share how food can affect how you feel. It’s the holiday season and sugar is in high demand. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and all the amazing parties that go with the holidays.  I love […]

Better You

Living Your Best Life With Depression [#CrystalBallin no.4]

Depression is a part of my life experience. I have been through emotional ups and downs my entire life. I have had many come forward in my intuitive life coaching sessions with their struggles and I want to openly share mine with you. I never knew why my reactions were sometimes so extreme or why […]