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Dealing With Grief [#CrystalBallin no. 3 #BetterYou]

We all deal with grief in different ways.  We may cry or get angry.  We may keep ourselves busy or hide in our bed.  What’s important is that we learn our own way of grieving.   In September,  I attended the monthly Creative Mornings gathering at the Peterson-Dumesnil House.  Creative Mornings is a global breakfast lecture […]

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Jessica’s Top 7 Of Louisville…For The Introverts [#TheYesList #StuffWeLove]

These 7 Louisville Businesses are great, especially for the introverts!!  I tend to be an introvert at first (believe it or not)! These 7 places also offer introverts like me the opportunity to comfortably network and get to know other great locals. Red Tree: It’s such a cool, eclectic place to find local art, cool […]

Better You

Unapologetic Self Care [#CrystalBallin no.2 #BetterYou]

How do we really take care of ourselves?  I don’t mean by taking time to sit on the couch after a long day, which, admittedly, I love to do.  I mean how do we continually energize ourselves each day? I can tell you that I’ve learned some of the things I need in order for […]

Better You

That’s A Weird Way To Think To Myself [#CrystalBallin no.1]

We can either sit in fear and sadness and stay stuck in an ongoing rotation of life with no thrill or joy, OR we can take what we have learned from each situation and allow those situations to make us better.