About Joyce Lynn

Joyce Lynn is a journalist writing and speaking on the power of dreams to guide our daily lives. She is the author of two books about dreams: Plum Dreams Diary: On Mothers, Men, Modern Medicine, and the Divine, exploring the female psyche, and Dreams and the Wisdom Within, examining healing and dreams. To learn more, visit www.JoyceLynn.com or contact dreams@joycelynn.com.

Recent Articles By Joyce

Eureka Moments

Connection Through Dreams #DreamOn

What can you gain from sharing your dreams with others? A lot. Joyce provides us with the wisdom on how to do it right.

Eureka Moments

Finding Value #DreamOn

The value is within you, if you pay attention & embrace as it is revealed. #DreamOn

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You Asked #DreamOn

You’ve been asking. Joyce has answered. Check out these frequently asked questions about dreams! #DreamOn

Eureka Moments

Be Guided to Your Best Self #DreamOn

What you see in your sleep may mean more than you think. Pay attention and be guided to your best self. #DreamOn

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RULE Your Dream World #DreamOn

RULE your dream world with these simple steps! #DreamOn

Eureka Moments

Dreams, Our Inner GPS #DreamOn

Before you dismiss the things you see in your sleep, learn to listen and let them help you find your way. #DreamOn