About Kasen Meek

Hey Derby City! I'm Kasen! I'm a Louisville native living life as fully, authentically, positively, and transparently as possible. My Louisville roots are deep and my blood is Cardinal red. I am many things...UofL grad, on again/off again runner, yelper, Broadway musical and arts junkie, bourbon enthusiast, Marvel movie fan, evening couch surfer, Blōfish maven, boyfriend, live-by-example-not-hate Christian, and a transguy.

In August 2017, I publicly came out as trans and started my medical and social transition. I started documenting my journey on Instagram @trans.parent_kasen. Complimenting my Insta, this blog is intended to offer you a window into my trans experience as I navigate life, dating, work, and family in a bible-belt state. I'm being visible and transparent so we can have tough conversations, break down barriers, normalize inclusivity, and continue to make Louisville a city of compassion. I hope to answer questions you might have and give you insights on how you can be a better ally for the LGBTQ community.

Recent Articles By Kasen

Eureka Moments

2020 TRANSparent Vision Part 2

You’ve been waiting for it… here’s part 2 of Kasen’s top trans resources for 2020!

Eureka Moments

2020 TRANSparent Vision Part 1 #TRANSparentKasen

Check out Kasen’s top trans resources for traveling into 2020!

Eureka Moments

Ghosts of Christmas Past #TransparentKasen

The Ghosts of Christmas Past, but not the ones you may be used to! #TransparentKasen

Eureka Moments

Home (Away) for the Holidays #TRANSparentKasen

Choose where you want to celebrate this holiday, & take care of yourself along the way. #TRANSparentKasen

Eureka Moments

Feelin’ Myself #TRANSparentKasen

It’s a week of celebration, remembrance & PRIDE! #TRANSparentKasen

Eureka Moments

Costumes: Armor Against Gender-Norms #TRANSparentKasen

We choose the costumes we will wear for Halloween. What if one was forced on you for years? #TRANSparentKasen

Eureka Moments

Seven Things Not To Say Or Ask #TRANSparentKasen

Before you put your foot in your mouth, consider these things never to say/ask… #TRANSparentKasen

Eureka Moments

Beginning With Bathrooms: Small Things, Big Deals #TRANSparentKasen

You may not notice until it impacts you or someone you love, but you should & take action to help change the small things that are a big deal. #TRANSparentKasen

Eureka Moments

Free Four Hundred and Forty-Four Days (and counting) #TRANSparentKasen

Here’s what it’s like to be 444 days FREE. #TRANSparentKasen