About Liza Smith

Liza considers herself a renaissance woman, with her varied interests. She has a Bachelors degree in general studies from Indiana University because she couldn’t decide what she wanted to be when she grew up, so she studied a bit of everything. She now works full time in social services, and can be found perusing her hobbies of baking, sewing, and gardening in her free time. She’s also a self proclaimed Disney and comic book nerd, who still hasn’t decided what she wants to be when she grows up.

Recent Articles By Liza

Neighborhood Voices

A Purrfect Day #UpperHighlands

Want to have a purrfect day in the #UpperHighlands? This is the place for you…as long as you don’t have cat allergies.

Neighborhood Voices

The Bakery #UpperHighlands

Craving a treat but too tired to bake? Liza’s solution is The Bakery at Sullivan University! #UpperHighlands

Neighborhood Voices

DIY For Days #UpperHighlands

Liza is a crafty lady, but she had never been to the Preston Arts Center. Join her as she geeks out on the creative awesomeness inside! #UpperHighlands

Neighborhood Voices

Badass Butchers #UpperHighlands

Want to sink your teeth into some badass butchery this season? Look no further than Kingsley Meats. #UpperHighlands

Neighborhood Voices

Liza’s Louisville Love [#NeighborhoodVoices]

Meet Liza! Our new contributor for the Upper Highlands! [#NeighborhoodVoices]