About Madison Ewing

With a degree in Accounting and a Master's in Business, owner Madison Ewing, hung up her public accounting hat and decided to provide a unique storefront for Louisvillians. Her friend and in-house artist, Cristina Taddonio, talent in the arts sparked the idea for a gallery as the focus of the business. While not an artist herself, Ewing has always had a passion for the arts and a sense of envy of those that can create. Her passion is making art accessible & helping Louisvillians appreciate the art all around them. Visit MADS on Bardstown Rd. or attend an event in her beautiful space!

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What Is A Gallery, Really? [#MADSAboutArt no.3 #GetGoing]

They say art is objective, to each their own, so why can’t a gallery be that way as well? Part of the reason there is confusion with what a gallery is and isn’t, is because is there really an is or isn’t? Tongue twister – but stick with me.    Gallery – gal·ler·yˈɡal(ə)rē/  noun 1. […]

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Fall Arts In The City [#MADSAboutArt no.2 #GetGoing]

While the temperatures may contradict – it’s almost Fall! The season where Mother Nature displays her own artistic talents with changing colors of the trees to blooming richly colored fall florals. Additionally, Louisville itself puts on several displays of the artistic talent within the city. Fall Art Festivals and Shows and Fairs, oh my! I […]

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Art Is Accessible [#MADSAboutArt no.1 #GetGoing]

Louisville has great examples of galleries within the city that showcase works by local and statewide artists.