About Mandi Roberts

Mandi Roberts is a Wisconsin-native who has started to plant roots in the Bluegrass state. A former dancer, she has transferred her passion of movement into weightlifting and currently runs CrossFit Louisville in the Highlands with her partner and her coach.

Her passion lies in holistic health as well as in facilitating collaboration between wellness businesses. Mandi has over ten years of experience in instruction and coaching and is excited to make her contribution here in Louisville. She also assists small businesses with social media programming and strategy.

Follow Mandi on Instagram.com @mandimayroberts.

Recent Articles By Mandi

Better You

Be Better Now. Do It For You. [#LiftedByMandi]

I have a challenge for you: be better. We hear this all the time, whether from ourselves or from ads telling us to get fitter, healthier, richer, or whatever they might be selling. I want to challenge you to do this in a different way. Forget yourself. We love to let ourselves down. We find […]