About Mariel Gardner

Born in Havre de Grace, Maryland, Mariel considers herself a Louisville native. She is a graduate of the University of Louisville and the J. Graham Brown School. An avid swimmer, haphazard photographer, knitter, beekeeper and world traveler, Mariel is always up for an adventure. She lives by the mantra "Protect your energy and stay moisturized".

Recent Articles By Mariel

Neighborhood Voices

Pushed to Explore #WestEnd

Force yourself to explore (& appreciate) the changes around you. #WestEnd

Neighborhood Voices

West End Agriculture #WestEnd

In the middle of a food desert, neighbors are coming together to grow what they need to thrive. #WestEnd

Neighborhood Voices

West Louisville Women’s Collaborative #WestEnd

The best growth honors heritage. Take notes from the West Louisville Women’s Collaborative on how it’s done. #WestEnd

Neighborhood Voices

Stop and Smell the Roses #WestEnd

Don’t just walk by, dig in and discover the history behind the places in your neighborhood. #WestEnd

Neighborhood Voices

West End Best End #NeighborhoodVoices

You may think you know about the West End. Mariel is going to be sure you know it right. #NeighborhoodVoices