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Marissa is a First Officer with Air Wisconsin on the Bombardier CRJ 200. She's been a licensed pilot for 15 years, a CFII, and MEI. She has come alongside many students to help them achieve their goals and dreams. Marissa is a is also an FAA licensed Dispatcher and has over 5 years dispatching for both domestic and international airline operations. Her passion is to be at the forefront of aviation community outreach, and she does so with a barnstorming love for flight. When she isn't flying for Piedmont, she can be found going on adventures with her three kids (all of whom fly!). She is currently working on her Single and Multi Seaplane add-on.

"The sky is not the limit to your dreams, but the beginning." -Marissa Colclasure

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Eureka Moments

Shoe Shopping [#TheFlyingMom]

A few weeks ago I had the privilege to attend the AOPA High School Symposium held in Louisville, Kentucky. I accompanied a group of ardent educators to the event and while I am not an educator, I am a passionate storyteller and my interest piqued when I discovered the symposium would be helpful in my […]

Eureka Moments

Find Your Story [#The Flying Mom]

“Maris, the only difference between you and your captain will be your stories. The airlines will always be there. Go find your stories.” he said as we stood around the hangar on the north shore. I had come to know Bruce through his love for Stearmans and my gravitation towards hearing that melody of the […]

Eureka Moments

Pitch Perfect [#TheFlyingMom]

This past Wednesday was so much more than just baseball. It was about a field of dreams and a community meeting a young boy there.

Eureka Moments

You Don’t ‘Find’ Time, You ‘Make’ Time [#TheFlyingMom]

There are many reasons why this girl takes to the sky. One reason is that I’m an introvert and I love being alone with my thoughts. My mind can think, dream, dance as far as my eyes can see and beyond the horizon. Ideas are welcome. One of these has been the ever pressing realization […]

Eureka Moments

Souls On Board [#TheFlyingMom]

In a little over a month, I will turn 39. What has never ceased to amaze me is how I can continually be surprised by the circular path that healing and grief bring in life. There were three small simple words that I have been chasing my whole life. No, they weren’t “I love you”… […]

Eureka Moments

The Unbridled Spirit In Me [#TheFlyingMom]

I took my first drink at age 15. It was three years after my dad had died, I was heartbroken at what I perceived my family had become. It was a delay in grief for me. I can remember taking a bottle of wine from our refrigerator and proceeding to drink from the bottle and […]

Eureka Moments

Stepping On The Ball [#TheFlyingMom]

I am not really sure if I consider myself a writer, other than I like to put my words to paper. There’s something romantic and perfect about it. As if my pen was meant to touch that paper and speak the narrative that exists inside of me. Sharing what is inside of me, while freeing […]

Eureka Moments

Taking The High Road- A Lesson From An 8-Year-Old Boy

I had a blog written up ready to go when life happened and the mama bear came out. We’ve had issues with my sons teacher this whole year. A teacher who has over stepped over boundaries stating false reasons a child would be held back from continuing to third grade, and making recommendations to parents […]

Eureka Moments

Let Your Dreams Take Flight [#TheFlyingMom no. 16]

As the number of days grew fewer and drew us to the end of 2017, I did what most people do at this time of year, I reflected on the passing year. I looked back at how I have survived, lived, danced and twirled my way into the future with my children. As I’ve mentioned […]