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Eureka Moments

Taking The High Road- A Lesson From An 8-Year-Old Boy

I had a blog written up ready to go when life happened and the mama bear came out. We’ve had issues with my sons teacher this whole year. A teacher who has over stepped over boundaries stating false reasons a child would be held back from continuing to third grade, and making recommendations to parents […]

Eureka Moments

Let Your Dreams Take Flight [#TheFlyingMom no. 16]

As the number of days grew fewer and drew us to the end of 2017, I did what most people do at this time of year, I reflected on the passing year. I looked back at how I have survived, lived, danced and twirled my way into the future with my children. As I’ve mentioned […]

Eureka Moments

We’re Building A Plane [#TheFlyingMom no. 15]

Flying was a very tangible freedom. In those days, it was beauty, adventure, discovery — the epitome of breaking into new worlds. — Anne Morrow Lindbergh, introduction to ‘Hour of Gold, Hour of Lead,’ 1929 There is a place that exists beyond my line of sight and over the horizon. A place that has spoken […]

Eureka Moments

Dating By Airspace [#TheFlyingMom no.14]

A few weeks ago I posted something to my Instagram story about “Dating by Airspace”. From that post, I received close to 30 questions about it. That may not seem like a lot, but it made me wonder if the story should come forward. As many of you know, I am a CFI, which for those that […]

Eureka Moments

A Lesson From The Grinch [#TheFlyingMom no. 13]

I can still remember vividly the last Christmas I had with my dad. The year was 1991. I did not know it would be our last until he died suddenly in 1992 in a plane crash when I was only 12 years old. That first Christmas without him was the first time that something wrapped […]

Eureka Moments

Paving The Runway [#TheFlyingMom no. 11]

There is a road that exists in my heart. A wild tune can be heard at the moment I surrender the expectations and embrace the imperfections of this thing I call life. I am a late 30-something mama bird and some of those trips around the sun were painful. There were times I lost my […]

Eureka Moments

Why I Fly [#TheFlyingMom]

It’s said that every great adventure begins with a single step. The longer I have walked on the face of this earth there is an awareness that every step is the adventure. The more steps I’ve taken the more awareness I have of things I wish I would have done differently and those that I do […]

Better You

What Do You Do With A Problem? [#TheFlyingMom no. 10]

This week I was reintroduced to a simply amazing piece of literature. That’s right, a children’s book. I have this belief that most of our issues come from overthinking. We need to go back to real resources. So ditch the 500 page novels of how to work through your problem all why not trying to […]

Eureka Moments

Taking The Autopilot Off And The Art Of Flying Your Life [#TheFlyingMom no. 9]

In the flying world there are many different disciplines to explore. The very basic and fundamental is in the beginning… learning how to fly. Back in the “day” spectators would gather from miles around just to see the magical feat of man defying laws of nature and flying. A day where stick and rudder skills […]