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Get Going

5 Simple Ways To Spread Love In February #GetGoing

It’s almost February! Some call it the month of love, so here are some ways to help February live up to its name… and make those around you happy while you’re at it!

Eureka Moments

A Circle Is Cooler Than A Box [#SmellTheRoses]

Cue “Out Of The Box” introduction theme song, anyone else with me?! Okay, but seriously, thinking and deciding to live outside of the box will lead you to the life of YOURS. No one else’s, but yours. Not listening to the other voices, not listening to society at all costs, not letting your fears stand […]

Eureka Moments

Surely You Aren’t Selfish [#SmellTheRoses]

Life is an amazing thing, and as much as the difficult and trying times are not the most comforting and fun to get through, it most definitely allows for the good times to be more appreciated.

Eureka Moments

Courage or Coward? [#SmellTheRoses]

“cour·​age | \ ˈkər-ij: mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty”. Courage is something that we all probably heard about heavily during the iconic film “The Wizard of Oz”. The lion in the film lacks any courage, and his heart and soul aches and shivers of fears, insecurities, and so much more. During […]

Eureka Moments

Path Leads To Passion [#SmellTheRoses]

Ever wonder if you made a different decision, how different your life would look in this very moment?! This is such a powerful thing, but not something to fret or worry about. This is a great thing, and should in some manner bring you sort of a comfort. Life can always change, and nothing you […]

Eureka Moments

Happy Medium [#EurekaMoments [#SmellTheRoses]

I am such a creature of habit, and creating habits that work for my everyday life. While I love to change things up, and really keep things fun and interesting it is important for me to have some sort of routine and habit to allow for the feeling of success and less stress. Therefore, something […]

Eureka Moments

Resolutions Vs. Expectations #SmellTheRoses

The new year has been rung in yet again, and the air is full of new lives, new goals, new ambitions, new everything. However, by February a vast majority of the population has already given up on their goals and yearly resolutions. Some people may like to challenge that they do not believe or support […]

Eureka Moments

Recap and Refresh [#SmellTheRoses] [#EurekaMoments]

The year is coming to an end, and it is full of times where we reflect, recap, and flourish again. I find it so important to use this time to our advantage. It is inevitable, at least for me, to get caught into the routine and lose sight of things that are important to us. […]

Eureka Moments

Picture Perfect Pajamas [#EurekaMoments]

To me, Christmas is way more than the gifts around the tree. This has been the way I felt since the beginning…credit to my amazing parents for this. I love this time of year, I mean for goodness sake I believed in Santa for way longer than a normal child should LOL. I love everything […]