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The Electrolyte Your Body Is Missing #StuffWeLove

This electrolyte helps regulate a lot of important systems in your body. Are you getting enough of it? #StuffWeLove

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The Science Of Aging

I started wearing anti-wrinkle cream at 19. NOT JOKING. I was also obsessed with fitness and nutrition; almost extremely so as some of those close to me would have said. Well, they did say it and they were right. At the time, I didn’t understand how it would shape my eventual education leading to my […]

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Magnesium- The Overlooked Electrolyte

If you ask most people about electrolytes, they will usually respond with something about drinking a popular sports beverage (don’t do that by the way) or, maybe something about salt intake. What most people don’t realize is that sodium and potassium, the two most important electrolytes, need magnesium to be able to move in and […]

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Kick Seasonal Depression & Maintain Mental Wellness

The wintery grey skies are upon us for a good portion of the country and that means some people will experience or suffer from seasonal depression. Seasonal depression or, the fancy clinical term, “Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)”, is real and can really be the “Grinch” that steals the joy during the holidays for some. A […]

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Let’s Talk Parabens

I am sure you have seen it walking through the cosmetic section at your local super market, drug store or, cosmetic store, “Paraben Free.” Did it leave you wondering if it’s just the latest marketing ploy? Did you say to yourself, “I don’t want Parabens? Really? Why not? Nobody told me that I should want […]

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There IS An Alternative To Botox!

If you’re like me, the thought of injecting your face with the same toxin that causes food poisoning (yes, that’s what Botox is!) to paralyze your face is just down right unappealing. I realize this might be an extreme reaction however, that’s just how I see it (I may change my mind in the future […]

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A ‘What’ Kind Of Facial??

Let’s face it, getting facials at a salon or by an esthetician can really set you back even just going one time. They are incredibly awesome, beneficial and just relaxing however, doing them on a regular basis is out of reach for most people. To combat the price tag of a “spa experience” you might […]