About Shannon Gonter

I am Shannon Gonter. I am originally from Florida and am a Louisville transplant, but am glad to now call Kentucky my home. I moved to Louisville to continue my education after graduating from Florida State University, and I completed my masters degree in clinical mental health counseling at the University of Louisville in 2016. I am now a licensed professional counselor in the state of Kentucky.

To further my education after graduate school, I enrolled in a yearlong certificate program in advanced psychotherapy through Bellarmine University Wayne Institute in which I deepened my knowledge in understanding the psyche and how one becomes their most authentic self.

I am well versed in evidenced based treatment models that address presenting programs such as depression, anxiety, effects of traumatic experience, stress, and family and relationship issues. My training and experience includes working in a variety of different settings including schools, hospitals, and community mental health.

I currently work in private practice and specialize in working with men and young adults. I am passionate about my career and want to work with individuals to create positive change. I also strive to create a counseling environment where men and young adults can relate, feel heard, and find new solutions to their negative patterns. Some issues that I most commonly work with are stress, relationship issues, difficulty saying “no” to others, difficulties recognizing emotions and emotionally connecting to others, anger and intimacy issues, among others.

I am also the founder of b.mindful Louisville which is Louisville’s first shared workspace for mental health professionals.

In my personal times, I enjoy being active (yoga, walking, hiking, skiing, kayaking…), spending time with my family and friends, binge watching the latest shows, and trying all the wonderful restaurants Louisville has to offer. I thoroughly love laughing, in all capacities, and often incorporate humor into the therapy hour.

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