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Charles Wilkerson wears many hats, as project manager to Yes Louisville, a photographer for his own company, the bass player in "The Winter of Twenty-Six", a Husband to his wonderful wife Emily, and a dog dad to his mischievous beagle named Fenway.

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Eureka Moments

Meaning in Tragedy

Christmas, and the holidays were changed for me back in 2013. On December 14th, 2013, I unexpectedly loss my dad.   Event though it was a few years ago I still remember the day pretty vividly. I remember my mom calling me to tell me that they were going to the hospital because he’s was having […]

Louisville Leaders

A Dance to Remember [no.1]

Hey Friends! For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Charles Wilkerson I’m a 29 year old guy from the great city of Louisville. Earlier this week I put a cryptic message on facebook earlier this week And I’m here to let you know about what fun and exciting things are happening. […]

Get Going

Chop Wood Carry Water [#YesDoesIt]

The last few Yes Does It’s have been myself and Lori having all the fun, so we decided to head to Flying Axes to do some team building with the whole Yes Louisville group! When we arrived we were greeted with smiles and high fives from the crew at Flying Axes. We filled out our waiver […]

Eureka Moments

75 Thanks [#YesGratitudeSeries]

We at Yes Louisville are all writing articles about what we are thankful for in 2018. I decided to make a list since I had quite a bit to be thankful for…. Emily, My wife, best friend, and person who has to deal with me and my farts the most. My Dad, who was taken […]

Stuff We Love

Eating Healthy Doesn’t Have to Suck

So it’s no secret, I’m rather a larger fella coming in at 290lbs. I’ve decided that I need to drop some weight and do a better job at taking care of myself. I met with fellow contributor Brandon Howard not too long ago and he made a meal guide and workout routine for me. Since implementing this […]

Get Going

Yes Does It: Jack O’Lantern Spectacular [#GetGoing]

Welcome back friends! I’m excited to give you the next installment of  This month we venture out to Iroquois Park to get a behind the scenes look of the Jack O’Lantern Spectacular. This event is going into it’s 6th year with over 5000 pumpkin lining the 1/3 mile trail in the park. The Jack O’Lantern Spectacular […]

The YES List

Charles’s Top 7 Of Louisville!

Charles Wilkerson, Project Manager at Yes Louisville, is bringing you his top 7 of Louisville! 1. Barret Bar & Grill– I love Barret Bar and Grill! I’m a big fan of going to bars and talking with friends and Barret Bar is one of the few places that you can actually have a conversation! It […]

Get Going

Yes Does It: Bourbon [#GetGoing]

I’m so excited to announce our new Series, Yes Does It! Dr. Suess said it best, ” If you never did, you should. These things are fun, and fun is good.” The Yes Louisville team is going all around town seeking out new fun things to explore & sharing them with YOU! From restaurants to […]

Better You

Negative Nancy And Ned

I think Facebook is a wonderful thing. It allows me to connect with my friends and family from all over the world. I can stay up-to-date with my friends in Germany and see how their kids are doing, and see what pictures of me growing up my mom “shared” today. (Fun fact: I was a […]