About Wendy Smith

Wendy Smith is married and a mother of 2. She is a lawyer with an emphasis on immigration law. In addition to working as a sole practitioner, she assists with her kids budding lemonade business, The Lemonade Baristas, volunteers as debate coach and the PTA. Journey with Wendy as she navigates through life balancing family and work.

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Eureka Moments

Just Eat the Cake #A JourneyCalledSmith

Someone somewhere needs to hear this…just eat the cake. #AJourneyCalledSmith

Eureka Moments

A Birthday TO Remember #AJourneyCalledSmith

Ever stress over finding the perfect present? Maybe it’s simpler than you think. #AJourneyCalledSmith

Eureka Moments

There’s No Crying in Trying #AJourneyCalledSmith

Going after a goal? Just remember, there’s no crying in trying. #AJourneyCalledSmith

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Embrace Your Possibilities [#AJourneyCalledSmith no.9]

It’s easy to talk yourself out of taking on new challenges…but what if they lead to big blessings? #AJourneyCalledSmith

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Patience [#AJourneyCalledSmith no.8]

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt unfairly frustrated or burdened by timing?  It happens to me all the time.  It could be as simple as getting stuck in a line that moves as slow as molasses while all of the other lines keep moving right along.  Or it could be running […]

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Keep Dancing [#AJourneyCalledSmith no.7]

Jump in with the Smith family on their driving disco! #AJourneyCalledSmith

Eureka Moments

Just One of Those Days [#AJourneyCalledSmith no.6]

Have you ever had one of those days that you wonder what in the world is going on?  You’re sure that at any minute someone will jump out and tell you that you’re being pranked.  I’m sure you’re thinking, who hasn’t?!   And it always seems that I have one of those days when I […]

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Discover Joy [#AJourneyCalledSmith no.5]

I was recently faced with the question of whether I knew the difference between happiness and joy.  I have to admit that I did not and tended to use the words interchangeably. Little did this person know that at that very moment, I needed to experience the difference more than ever.  I was exponentially devastated […]

Eureka Moments

Birds Of A Feather [#AJourneyCalledSmith no.4]

Birds of a feather will flock together.  This is a saying that I heard growing up and now use with my own kids.  Traditionally I’ve heard it and used it in the context of not hanging out with “friends” who don’t share the same interests.  But, what if, we did take a chance and mix […]