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Eureka Moments

Discover Joy [#AJourneyCalledSmith no.5]

I was recently faced with the question of whether I knew the difference between happiness and joy.  I have to admit that I did not and tended to use the words interchangeably. Little did this person know that at that very moment, I needed to experience the difference more than ever.  I was exponentially devastated […]

Eureka Moments

Birds Of A Feather [#AJourneyCalledSmith no.4]

Birds of a feather will flock together.  This is a saying that I heard growing up and now use with my own kids.  Traditionally I’ve heard it and used it in the context of not hanging out with “friends” who don’t share the same interests.  But, what if, we did take a chance and mix […]

Eureka Moments

Sip On This Tea [#AJourneyCalledSmith no.3 #Eureka Moments]

It’s been one of those weeks where I had way too many things on my calendar, not enough time and at times, a very short fuse.  And then, I came across an analogy on Facebook that really stuck with me about spilling some tea.  Now, usually, giving and receiving tea is not my cup of […]

Eureka Moments

The Case Of The Missing Skort [#AJourneyCalledSmith no.2 #EurekaMoments]

This past weekend I found myself in the middle of an unsolved case:  The Case of the Missing Field Hockey Skort.  While this may not initially sound like a major case, the unfolding of this event produced pure panic, angst and horror for everyone involved.  You see, my daughter Estella is extremely passionate about playing […]

Get Going

Family Reunion [#AJourneyCalledSmith no.1]

A little over 15 years ago my husband Chris and I moved to Louisville.  We had just been married for 8 months and we were living life as adventurous newlyweds.  We were living it up, taking spur of the moment trips, enjoying couples date nights, plays, dinners and dancing.  We were equally situated between my […]