Yesterday, I celebrated my 51st birthday – I am now on my way to my next milestone of “65!”  Recently, while attending a conference about DNA-based nutrition, a statistic was provided by one of the doctors on the Science Advisory Board who said, “of the people who are 65 today – 1% will become a ‘Centurian’” – to have the honor of blowing out 100 candles on their birthday cake!  I want to be one of those!  Today, there are about 47.8 million people who are 65 and over which means that 478,000 people could be blowing out their 100 candles. However, on the flip side of this exciting statistic is another not-so-great statistic…those younger than 65 are statistically not expected to outlive their parents.

During my birthday and the Holiday season, many of us over-indulge in a variety of choices that could be directly impacting those statistics – one way or the other. So, today, I thought I’d offer you 12 Days (ways) of Christmas Survival – to not just survive…but actually THRIVE during these Christmas parties so that you can be in a great place to start 2020 ready for your best wellness year yet!

  • On the TWELTH Day of Christmas Survival, I gave myself 12 ways to succeed! Use the list below and incorporate into your Christmas adventures during this month. Pick just one a day and have some fun.
  • On the ELEVENTH Day of Christmas Survival, I gave myself 11 minutes (15 if you can get it!) soaking up the sunshine every morning. Your body, mind, and cells NEED that great Vit D for a variety of reasons.
  • On the TENTH Day of Christmas Survival, I gave myself 10 passes to a variety of movement locations in 2020…see what kind of movement you love! Is it kick-boxing? Pilates? High-intensity intervals? Cycling? Class Pass is a great way to try lots of variety to see which one you LOVE!
  • On the NINTH Day of Christmas Survival, I gave myself 9 passes for dance lessons. You could find Ballroom dancing is the best workout ever! Or perhaps hip-hop? Maybe “Zumba-type” is your thing! Moving more in 2020 should be fun.
  • On the EIGHTH Day of Christmas Survival, I gave myself 8 better choices to SWAP cow-dairy. Almond milk? Cashew milk? Coconut milk? What will you make your “overnight oats” with or try your Chocolate Chia pudding soaked in? Goat’s milk yogurt or kefir is a great source for pro-biotics?
  • On the SEVENTH Day of Christmas Survival, I gave myself 7 great hours of sleep each night. Enjoy the Christmas parties, but be sure you don’t skimp on the zzzzzs! They are important for your overall wellness so that you can enjoy another Christmas gathering at your best health.
  • On the SIXTH Day of Christmas Survival, I gave myself 6 servings of veggies and fruits every day. By the way…chocolate-covered cherries don’t count! ???? When you’re at a Christmas party – add some of the fruit and veggies on your plate with the meatballs and cakes. Better yet – when it’s your turn to TAKE something to a Christmas party…pick up a fruit or veggie tray and offer a healthy option to the guests!
  • On the FIFTH Day of Christmas Survival, I gave myself 5 considerations to detox from metals. (1) see a Biological Dentist for any silver filling removals; (2) Stop cooking with aluminum foil; (3) detox your pits [armpits] with non-aluminum anti-perspirant; (4) consider your cookware SWAP if using non-stick coated; and (5) reach out for a quick neuro-toxic questionnaire from me.
  • On the FOURTH Day of Christmas Survival, I gave myself 4 calls or get-togethers with friends and family to re-connect and warm your heart.
  • On the THIRD Day of Christmas Survival, I gave myself 3 bottles (24oz each) of good filtered water each day. Re-hydrate your body, mind, and cells (especially if you over-indulged in the alcohol!) Did you know over 70% of your body is water and over 90% of your BRAIN!? WATER does a body good.
  • On the SECOND Day of Christmas Survival, I gave myself 2 minutes of deep breathing every hour. Intentional deep breathing slows the stress response; clears our mind; aids in detoxing; and provides a better outlook on a potentially stressful situation.
  • On the FIRST Day of Christmas Survival, I gave myself the gift of ONE DNA test. Since you are unique, it’s time to understand how living and eating based on your genetic uniqueness can help you thrive!  The hottest gift for Christmas 2018 was a DNA test, but sadly…most folks didn’t know what to do with it and how to use it for more than finding missing relatives. If you received one of those tests last year and want to understand it for your wellness – let’s talk! I’ve got a great opportunity for you!

I am NOT about depriving yourself of fun or yummy delicacies; I’m about making wise choices to support your wellness AFTER December is over!  Wellness is unique to you and your cells.  The foundation for wellness involves more than just the food you put in your mouth, there are seven pillars to optimal wellness surrounding:

  1. Nutrition
  2. Sleep
  3. Water
  4. Sunshine
  5. Detox
  6. Movement
  7. Stress-management

All wrapped up in relationships…relationships with self and others.

I hope you enjoyed these “12 Days of Christmas Survival” and that you’ll print this post out and hang it on your refrigerator or bathroom mirror or desk and try to incorporate a few of them over December (and beyond!) If you have any questions or want to dig deeper, I’d be honored to journey with you. In 2020, I’ll have SEVEN new online classes launching and would love for you to join me in a class or one-on-one coaching. Classes will vary in length, and topics include:

  1. Eat Better Bootcamp
  2. Cell Health Kickstart (includes a DNA test)
  3. Fast to Wellness
  4. GUT Well
  5. Detox Your LIFE!
  6. Ditch the Sugar Itch
  7. Home/Life Make-Over

Ready to learn more – join my private Facebook group “cracking TheCodeOfYOU” and become a part of my community.  If you have questions about helping your cells get healthy– let’s chat!

To your best you!



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