The change in the seasons is the perfect time to get out of a workout rut and explore new and exciting fitness routines. I’ll be the first to admit that I have my favorite go-to classes when I need to break a sweat, but I’ve learned that stepping outside of my comfort zone always proves to be beneficial.

Muscle confusion, muscle progression and prioritization each describes an approach to fitness that varies in some ways, but they share an important truth: If you focus on the same muscle group or training component over and over again, your body eventually adapts and fitness plateaus. Mixing up workouts to include various intensity levels, muscle groups and exercises helps to keep your body guessing thereby encouraging fitness gains.

In addition to helping you avoid mental and physical burnout, as well as subverting a fitness plateau, including a variety in your workouts will also increase your enjoyment and the likelihood of you sticking with the workout over weeks, month and years. By throwing something new at you each workout, your body and mind stay engaged, eliciting better results.

Seven Reasons to Switch Up Your Workout

1. Break Through a Weight-Loss Plateau

2. Prevent Overuse Injuries

3. Build New Muscles

4. Beat Workout Boredom

5. Help Keep Your Brain Healthy

6. Meet New Workout Partners

7. Get Excited About Exercise Again

“502 Fit Pass has been so wonderful for my fitness goals. As someone who gets bored with redundant workout plans, this is just what I needed. The variety of classes and studios gives me everything I already loved with exciting things I’d wanted to try but was hesitant to before. I’ve actually stayed motivated and attending classes for the first time in my adult life and I’m definitely seeing the results in both my mood and my body! Everyone should sign up for Fit Pass!” – -Blair

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