I was called today by a friend that had a crisis of consciousness about social media. His challenge was that throughout his feed he was hearing name calling and posturing mostly about the election and the direction that our great country was going in.  The challenge was that almost anyway that you would weigh into the rhetoric that was going on, you would end up taking up a defensive position which would then lead to more attacks and divisiveness.  On Inauguration day, I posted one image on my page that said “We don’t have to agree on anything to be kind to one another.” with the statement that it would be my only political post.

The challenge is that with all the divisive comments with the media and people of influence putting out the same kind of energy, it seems as there is little that we can do.  Heck, my wife even shut down her Facebook page for a few days because she did not want to see all the negative energy that was spewing forth from all kinds of good people.  I do understand though where this is coming from, it has to do with pain and a sense to defend one’s own position because of the fear that no one is really on your side.

It is in these moments that we need to not react, but to go deeper within ourselves and choose a more virtuous energy to broadcast out.  I did a study of the Golden Rule (remember the golden rule?) It seems that every religion and even those that talk from a non-religious point of view have some form of golden rule.  These are things that you can’t legislate, but needs to come from your own energy, it has to be a conscious thought for most of us, not unconscious.  It will take energy for us to hold our tongues but to act in a way that shifts the energy towards understanding and movement.

Buddhism: “Treat not others in ways that you yourself would find hurtful.” (The Buddha, Udana-Varga 5.18)


Christianity: “Do to others what you want them to do to you. This is the meaning of the law of Moses and the teaching of the prophets.” (Jesus, Matthew 7:12)


Taoism: “Regard your neighbor’s gain as your gain, and your neighbor’s loss as your own loss.” (Lao Tzu, T’ai Shang Kan Ying P’ien, 213-218)


Judaism: “What is hateful to you, do not do to your neighbor. That is the whole Torah; the rest is commentary.” (Hillel, Talmud, Shabbat 31a)


Unitarianism: “We affirm and promote respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.” (Unitarian Principle)


Hinduism: “This is the sum of duty: do not do to others what would cause pain if done to you.” (Mahabharata 5:1517)


Native Spirituality: “We are as much alive as we keep the earth alive.” (Chief Dan George)


Confucianism: “One word which sums up the basis of all good conduct… loving kindness. Do not do to others what you do not want done to yourself.” (Analects 15:23)


Sikhism: “I am a stranger to now one; and no one is a stranger to me.  Indeed, I am a friend to all.” (Guru Granth Sahib, p. 1299)


Jainism: “One should treat all creatures in the world as one would like to be treated.” (Mahavira, Sutrakritanga)


Zoroastrianism: “Do not do unto others whatever is injurious to yourself.” (Shayast-na-Shayast 13.29)


Baha’i Faith: “Lay not on any soul a load that would not wish to be laid upon you, and desire not for anyone the things you would not desire for yourself.” (Baha’u’llah, Gleanings)


Islam: “Not one of you truly believes until you wish for others what you wish for yourself.” (The Prophet Muhammad, Hadith)


Secularism: “Always act so as to elicit the best in others, and thereby yourself” (Ethical Culture Movement *Humanist*)

This is the reset point. This is the part when added to your equation of action of what to do next, creates the correct atmosphere where great things can happen.  There just needs to be a little quiet in your mind, some diligence to what energy you are activating, some discipline of your tongue or of pushing the “send” button.  I wish you all the best, and I am grateful that I have a venue to actually share these thoughts and I hope that it says something to you in the positive way that it was meant.  Let’s all try to activate the higher value, to PUSH into growth that will actually have us all working together, because we are actually all in this together after all – aren’t we?


John “Z” Zeydel

Partner in Yes Louisville, and Personal and Executive coach through PUSH Coaching


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