Many times, our idea of favorite foods comes from our past. For a lot of people, your mother is the best cook in the world, and the dishes that she or your father made for you growing up have helped to shape what your favorite foods are as an adult. Cooking is something that can transcend generations and the use of foods has been a way to pass traditions down over time. It’s quite incredible, really.

Think about what your mom or dad used to cook for you as a child. How has that translated in the type of foods that you prefer as an adult? This can be very good in many cases, or in some cases, it can also give bad habits that maybe we’re not always in tune to. Take a look at the things that you eat on a daily basis and remember that most ailments can be prevented or eliminated by eating better foods.

As always, eat well and love life my friends!

-Chef Anoosh Shariat | Anoosh Bistro | Noosh Nosh All Day Oven

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