It has been said that Michelangelo said,“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.”  It became the art of uncovering instead of creation.  What made me come to contemplate this and how it actually affects how we think about our lives and business is this.  As I have been writing and training more, I have been researching and uncovering thoughts, and connecting them with others.  I know this is what it is like when a mathematician also feels when the equation becomes a proof.  It is uncovering the math behind an observation. So is it different, that act of creation, versus uncovering.  Is uncovering different then discovering?

I looked up Discovering and this is what I found.


dis·cov·er·y  dəˈskəv(ə)rē/  noun

The action or process of discovering or being discovered.

“the discovery of the body”


finding, location, uncovering, unearthing “the discovery of the body” realization, recognition; revelation, disclosure;

informal light-bulb moment, aha moment “the discovery that she was pregnant” invention, origination, devising; pioneering “the discovery of new drugs”

Ahhhhh….See? The word “Uncovering” is part of the definition, but we give the discoverer credit don’t we?  Why, it was there all along, wasn’t it, just waiting for it (whatever it is) to be uncovered.  I am not meaning to take any accolades back from those that Discovered things – healing techniques, the stars and how our solar system works, discoveries of our past, and discoveries of how the body and the mind work, the discoveries of areas to live. But if we change the boldness of the word Discovery to a humble word of uncovering, I think there is a change in how we view things. (Comments welcomed)

I love working with artist of all kinds, and those that think “outside the box”.  I have often been quoted for saying “if you are doing it like everyone else, the best you can achieve is mediocrity” so tend to encourage and am myself inspired by the ideas of discovery and creating something new. I also felt sense of pride when thought I was creating a new way of looking at things, and started seeing results that were in line with original hypothesis and stated the marketing campaign of something that I created.  Much like a painter will sell their painting, or a graphic artist is paid to create a new logo. But deeper I went down this rabbit hole….

I saw my work more bringing to light things that were there, it wasn’t a creation of something new, it was in fact uncovering fundamentals.  Basic elements, it was finding the angel in the marble, it just needed the corners and extra parts chipped away.  It actually humbled me, but with that same insight, all of a sudden I had more and more people wanting to see what I was working on, I was attracting a bigger following to what I was uncovering.

It seems as if we are all chipping away at things, trying to uncover the truth of our lives, the balance of things, right formula.  If that is the case, then we have to realize that it is THERE, in front of us, sometimes we can’t see it ourselves, but it is there.  Our fit, our balance, our piece of art, but it just is too cluttered; it has too much stuff around the angel for us to see it ourselves.

So maybe it is not “Boldly Go Discovering” but more “Diligently chipping away the unnecessary” that has us uncovering that truth we are looking for.  Being grateful all along that all the pieces were there to begin with, we just had to uncover the way it all worked.


John “Z” Zeydel – PUSH Coach – and strategic thinker for Yes Louisville.


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