James Brown had a song called “Get on the Good Foot” which was playing today on my spotify as I was walking. At the time that I am writing this blog it is exactly a week ago that I had surgery on my big toe on my right foot. So I indeed had a Good Foot and a Bad Foot as I limped along trying to get my momentum back up and jump starting my rehab so that one day again (soon I hope) am able to run and do endurance sports again.

My joint or knuckle on my big foot had had a lot of damage to it, from various things over the year, and consequently with arthritis and rigorous training the cartilage had worn completely away. Dr Ann Pinski had to cut my bone to shorten it and clean out the arthritis to put in the bio cartilage so that my joint would move like it had before. To me this was much more preferable to my future than any sort of fusion or anything else that had been suggested to me over the year. The operation was a success, and in a week and a half from now I will be getting out my stitches, but the rehab is starting now by doing some simple walking.

Walking has it humbling effect on me, knowing that just a couple months before I had done my first 50K run through Louisville (yes that is over 30 miles, and as of today 3 miles walking is a bit much). Yet James Brown was singing in my head “Get on the Good Foot” and I was thinking that the PUSH I had dedicated myself to do was getting on the good foot.  Now to be clear, I don’t know exactly what James Brown had in mind with his song, but there is a old saying “start off on the wrong foot”. An idiomatic expression meaning: To begin badly, especially to begin a relationship badly. To avoid starting off on the wrong foot with your boss, make sure you understand what he/she expects you to do. So the “Good Foot” would mean getting off to the right start.  I like to think that dancing to some funk is always getting off on the Good Foot.

James Brown even wrote in his lyrics :

Do it with the good foot

Said the long hair hippies and the Afro blacks

They all get together across the tracks

And they party

My thinking that he was making a reference to the fact that when we dance and party, everyone is in a good mood and if we are all doing that together it is a better thing to do, than to start off divisive and from opposing views.

There are so many things we do to create divides in the world, which creates no motion at all. But when we party, when we dance, when we talk together in a joyful and respectful way, we get things going in a direction.  Motion is better, we can change direction, but to build momentum takes more effort.

I am getting on my Good Foot by being grateful that I am able to still be walking, and that it is a healing process that even though it hurts worse now, it will be better than it was before. I am grateful for those around me that keep my spirits up, and I have faith in the experts that I am working with. I also want this Good Foot feeling to go beyond me, and to pull us together, to inspire us all that even though we at times slow down, or even stop because of sickness, loss, rage, or guilt. These are things that reaffirm that we are human and we have the ability to “Do it with the good foot”, to get going again, to start building capacity for love, charity, understanding and fellowship.

What are you doing today and each morning to get on up and Get on the Good Foot?

John “Z” Zeydel

Funking out to James Brown while PUSHing in the right direction

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