Cynthia Williams, Founder of
Cynthia Williams, Founder of

Exercise won’t just help keep you slim, it’s also an important step to fighting the effect of aging and improving your mental and physical being.  Working out regularly has multiple health benefits at any age but becomes increasingly important as we get older.

But just how ‘fit’ should we be at our age? While press-ups and burpees are important, the list proves that it takes more than just cardio to be defined as ‘fit’…

In your 20s you should be able to…

  • Run 5km in 30 minutes
  • Do 20 burpees in a row
  • Hold a full plank for one minute

In your 30s you should be able to…

  • Run a mile in less than 9 minutes
  • Hold a plank for 45 seconds
  • Deadlift more than 50 percent of your bodyweight

In your 40s you should be able to…

  • Sprint for 60 seconds without stopping
  • Do 10 press-ups without stopping
  • Touch your toes comfortably with straight legs

In your 50s you should be able to…

  • Run at a moderate pace for 60 seconds without stopping
  • Do five burpees without stopping
  • Lower yourself into a cross-legged position on the floor without using your hands, and then return to standing

In your 60s you should be able to…

  • Regularly take more than 10,000 steps in a day
  • Do 12 bodyweight squats without stopping
  • Touch your fingertips with one hand over your shoulder and the other behind your back

In your 70s you should be able to…

  • Walk a mile in less than 16 minutes
  • Climb a flight of stairs with 10 steps in under 30 seconds comfortably
  • Rise to stand from a chair without using your hands or arms, and repeat at least 12 times in 30 seconds

So, are you fit for your age? I don’t know about you, but looking at this list both gives me hope and at the same time brings me down a little bit. Because I see how most people treat themselves, and it doesn’t lend itself to being able to run a sub 9-minute mile in their 30’s. The good part? You can change anytime. And as they say, the best time to do anything is now. Start eating better. Start exercising. Start increasing your capacity. Start loving yourself. But do it now. 

-Cynthia Williams, founder of “One gym membership. Hundreds of classes.” 

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