At what point doesn’t it work anymore?  Have you ever asked yourself that question? If something doesn’t seem to be working out, at what point do you change what you are doing to try a different way, or do you continue to dig in and push harder?

That is a big question and has a lot of complicated answers. I have said before “If you are fully committed, there is no other option other than success,” which some might interpret as never giving up. But is this always prudent? Some will argue that resources are limited, thus quitting before you completely run out of resources is wise. This is evident in so many small businesses that out there today; and maybe this is your situation too. We as business people know that growing a business is hard. It takes having a good product that people want, marketing it, closing the sale, monetizing the process that after the cost of the product plus the logistics of marketing, closing, and delivering, still leaves us a profit. If this is in place, not we work on scalability. Written down like that it doesn’t sound hard, but any business person knows that it takes a lot of energy and we all know that energy is a resource.

If you have been following my blogs at all, you know that I have been writing a lot about energy and putting those manipulations of energy into physics equations, because after all, math is a universal language that is devoid of its own emotional energy. We as human beings allocate our energies for the most part conservatively. Also we have to admit that we are much different than the machines we build and how they use energy. Let’s use the example of a car; a car uses gasoline as a resource to convert into combustion energy to make the wheels go around. The goal of the car is to travel distance. Once the gasoline is depleted, the engine loses one of its resources to make tiny explosions to move the piston that rotates a camshaft that converts to the rotation of an axle which turns the wheels. No Gas, no movement. The car was built to have a human to conserve the fuel. (Some would say we are poor at that, if anyone has ever run out of gas.) Let’s look at the runner, the human as a movement machine. I would imagine that fuel would be food and water, and this is burnt calorically, which is a heat exchange, so almost like you’re combustion engine, but chemically. Running endurance distances I have come to the understanding that my own human engine needs fuel to keep going, I need to take in some calories, because I am burning them up. But here comes the big difference….

As a human runner, my body manipulates itself to use those calories better. My “car” as it were, is actually becoming more efficient as long as I drive it every day. (Wouldn’t that be nice? A car that instead of having an engineered obsolescence or deterioration, but actually improves itself?)  OK, you can say “but John…. You can tune up the car, and make it run more efficient”, and I would say YES, but how many of us are doing that each day?

My point is that as business people we don’t look at all our resources and all our energies. Our business is not just parts, (product, marketing, sales, distribution, monetization, and scalability) it is whole, and as a whole efficiencies in all areas need to be constantly be adjusted. Adjusted for current technology, adjusted for economy and adjusted for human interest this is all prudent for endurance, and to be fully committed. Business is not about the product, it is about the human experience and how your product improves lives. If your business is alive and growing, it needs to be consciously aware of all the energies that go into it’s movement, and most of those are human energies. YOUR and your employees, yours and your customers, we are truly on the cusp of being more socially connected with the world than we have ever been before, and that changes how you have to marshal those energies too.


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