*Disclaimer: I am a promoter for Pruvit and Keto//OS. However I was a believer in the power of ketones long before I became involved with them.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve struggled with weight off and on for a large portion of my life. In college, I succumbed to the #FreshmanFifteen several times over and it took me a while to find my groove to lose the weight and keep it off. I’m much better these days, but with summer around the corner, I thought I would highlight what has worked for me over the years. 

I became introduced to the Atkins diet through my parents, who have also struggled with weight. And my dad was religious about this program, which basically dictates that you eat anything that you want so long as it doesn’t contain sugar. By eliminating sugar the diet forbids the consumption of carbohydrates, which includes bread, pasta, creams and the ilk. This pretty much leaves you with eating meats, cheese, and salads. 

And something magical happens after a few days of eating little to no carbs. Your body changes the type of fuel that it runs on. You see, when you consume carbs to the high levels that most people do, your body converts what you eat into glucose. Glucose that is not immediately consumed gets stored as fat. And if you’re not burning those glucose-based calories off through regular, vigorous exercise you will gain weight. Conversely, when you eliminate the carbs from your diet, your body stops converting the food you eat into glucose and instead your body produces ketones. And the beauty of a body that runs on ketones is that it tells your body to prioritize fat burning. So basically, your body becomes a turbo-charged, fat burning machine. 

This is called nutritional ketosis. And it is the overall goal of an Atkins-style diet. It is also quite finicky to stay in nutritional ketosis, as any introduction of carbs to your body will throw you out of it and it can take days to get back into it. This makes a ketogenic diet, as it’s called, quite difficult to stay on. When you’re in ketosis you have abundant energy, mental focus, clarity, and overall you feel amazing. But as soon as you pop out of ketosis you lose some of that energy, become slightly sluggish and tired. And when you feel like this, it can be easy to justify going further off the diet. This is the crux of nutritional ketosis. 

About two years ago I came across a product called Keto//OS, a drink mix that claimed to put your body into ketosis within 60 minutes. And at first, I was super skeptical. It just didn’t seem possible. So I started to do my homework and learned that a team out of the University of South Florida Morsani College of Medicine had been doing research on how to synthesize ketone esters and had finally been successful in doing so. This was a huge nutritional breakthrough! The study was lead by Dr. Dominic D’Agostino and to some degree Patrick Arnold. Dr. Dom, as he has become known, is considered the grandfather of the ketone ester. 

About this time, Dr. Dom popped up on one of my favorite podcasts, The Tim Ferriss Show. You can check out the episode here. And in it, they discussed what a ketone is and how, by ingesting them, you can gain energy, mental focus, clarity and more. Ketones can also help to prevent cancer, as cancer cells cannot use ketones for energy. Basically, they starve the cancer cells. There are also benefits for diabetics, even though some of the ketone therapy 

So I gave it a try. And the results were immediate. By drinking this Ketone supplement in the morning I was able to delay eating until lunch and I never felt hungry. It’s like I was drinking ‘jet fuel’! Weight started pouring off to the tune of about a pound per day and it has been a daily part of my life ever since. It has been about a year and a half and I couldn’t imagine my nutrition regiment without Keto//OS

Keto//OS was one of the first to market with a ketone supplement and Dr. Dom is a big supporter of the brand. And what’s even better is that the company was founded and is located right here in Louisville! Their headquarters is in Norton Commons! If you want to give Ketones a try, I would highly recommend this brand’s suite of products. They taste great, ship right to your door and aren’t very expensive compared to what else is available on the market. And remember how I said that they allow me to delay any eating until lunch? Think about the money that can be saved by eliminating breakfast and cutting down your food expenses. They practically pay for themselves. Want to give them a try? Check out the Pruvit website here

Whether you’re trying to lose weight or not, Ketones can add a new dimension to your nutrition and to your life. I firmly believe that absolutely everyone can benefit from this. Do you have a story about how ketones or a ketogenic diet have positively affected your life? Share it in the comments or shoot me an email!

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