Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer has been named one of America’s 11 most interesting mayors by Politico. And we agree. If you’ve ever met Mayor Fischer, his dry sense of humor and to the point attitude will help you to get to work quickly. We love what he has done for the city, both in policy and how he has made government more accessible to the public.

“Fischer, 59, is a Democrat, but in a deep-red state, his track record fulfills the most fashionable of Republican beliefs: that a businessman, even with virtually no political experience, can deliver common-sense reforms. A Louisville native, he invented a beverage and ice dispenser and ran the company that made it; later, he started a private investment firm and Louisville’s first business accelerator. His previous life in politics was a single Senate primary, which he lost.” – Katelyn Fossett, associate editor at Politico

We’re proud of our Mayor and we’re proud of our city! Read the full article here and share this with your friends. Let’s tell the world about the great things that we’re doing here in Louisville!

Politico | America’s 11 Most Interesting Mayors

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