Today I venture on a metal bird that will take me on another chapter of this book. To be honest, I never thought I would find myself in the position that I am in now. I am a free spirit, introvert (although I may have some extroverted qualities to me).I’ve held flying as something very romantic, very whimsical, timeless and absolutely magical. I used to be afraid that if I did that as a profession… it would become something else and lose its beauty and somehow I’d lose me. That’s a lie… it’s what fear does to keep you from moving forward.

So…life happened. I became a mom and was bound to the ground. Trials, hardship, and heartship. I found myself on my knees sobbing through some and never really realized how much God had changed my heart and changed my perspective. It was during this time where I really learned what was important and set my roots deep and I didn’t do that alone… it was with my kids. We grew together and with that came relearning flight. Life can be turbulent, unstable, stalling… and once you start to right yourself to pick up airspeed you can continue on your flight path.

But what was my path? I didn’t know. I gave myself permission to not know, but to trust in the process. To continue to love with my heart on my sleeve and. I did it with my kids. I got back in the air flying with my kids.. and they were there through every step. While my children do not dictate what mom does for work, I’ve included them in my journey. I’ve been raw to show them my weaknesses when I emotionally break down or am sleep deprived, strong or happy. I don’t hide when I have to work or make certain choices. My kids have been there with me as we all learned to lay roots together. We’ve shared so many firsts together that just makes my heart explode.

Painting by Mama Bird, AKA Marissa Colclasure & her kiddos.

There are many cliches of taking a leap of faith or trusting you do know how to fly with the wings you have. I believe those are present in different seasons in one’s life. But this is a new season, one I never found myself in before. Sometimes the wings present themselves to you. And that is exactly what happened to us. I say us because I do believe in God, and believe God knows all of our uniqueness and knows us well. I wasn’t the only one given wings… so were my kids, my little ninjas, adventurers, warrior princesses and prince… my tribe.

So with the roots that I have laid with my kids and embracing my ninja tribe… mama bird is going to fly for the airlines. Find your tribe and love them hard. Surround yourself with those that are with you through the hard work of laying roots, it’s in those roots that will grow your wings.

We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another. Luciano De Crescenzo

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