Congratulations – you’ve come so far in our journey together and you’re doing great! We began together in the fall with the triumphant call to empowerment – taking control of your wellness, your health, becoming your own Health & Wellness Advocate; understanding how toxins show up in our bodies and their impact when they do; as well as the importance of understanding why we need to focus our attention on the health of our 72 trillion biggest fans (our cells!)

As we roll into this new decade, the world is becoming more and more focused on individual personalized options and catering to you as a unique individual and seeing the beauty of YOU.  Let’s look at some of those areas:

  • Memory seats in your cars adjust to your specific body shape and feel
  • Memory foam mattresses for your best night’s sleep
  • Personal Recipe box based on your/family’s likes and needs
  • Personalized ads showing on your Facebook page (;/ )
  • Personalized exercise routine
  • Personal Financial Planning with specific investments based on your tolerances and likes
  • Customized golf clubs, tennis rackets, and baseball bats
  • Bespoke suits, clothing, and shoes to your exact measurements

Our health and wellness is also rapidly entering into the personalized space with great rewards. I was talking with a client today who asked some fantastic questions as she is trying to understand how knowing her genes will help her health be “better.”  OH how I love that question! I thought I’d share with you this month what I shared with her in hopes that it will ignite your own passion to not just KNOW what your genes are, but far more importantly to understand, what I call the “so-what” factor. Fantastic! You know what your genes are…but so what!?  How will you utilize that information to create your personalized wellness journey to be a Better You?

First step is Genetics 101

We all have somewhere in the neighborhood of 23,000 genes. These genes make up your personalized Blueprint – or what I call “TheCodeOfYOU!” This is the instructional manual that tells your cells exactly what and how to do millions of processes in the body every minute of every day.  

We each have two copies of that Code…one from Mom and one from Dad.  The specific Code that each of your parents gave you will determine how well your cells can read the instruction manual. 

Second step is Genetics 102

Let’s say that one parent’s Code has a typo on one location of one gene. That “typo” or “dirty glasses” prevents the cell from effectively reading and understanding the instructions. In the genetic world, we call that a “variant” (NOT a mistake!) and it’s technical term is a “SNP” (Single nucleotide polymorphism.) 

Consider this…if you were fixing a car or trying to make a decadent dessert and you were missing a page of the Directions…how successful would you be at fixing the car or dessert?  It’s the same concept (very simplified, of course) with the instructions for your cells.

Step three – Genetics 103

Next, we’re going to look at ONE gene as an example.  The gene’s name is Alpha-ketoglutarate-dependent dioxygenase FTO (FTO for short, aren’t we all glad about that!)  The job of this gene is to basically regulate ghrelin levels (it does other jobs, but this is main one) – ghrelin is the hormone from the stomach to the brain that says, “I’m full” or “I’m satisfied.”  When there is a “variant” on this gene (or dirty glasses) the communication isn’t working and the message either doesn’t get sent or isn’t received. This one has been coined “the fat gene.”

Step four – Genetics 104

Now to my favorite part – the “so-what” factor!

If I know that I have one or two variants on my FTO gene then there are some lifestyle factors that I can implement to personalize my lifestyle and manage the potential risks of that gene not working well.  Several examples…

  1. I may NOT want to frequent the “all you can eat buffets!”  While I would likely get my money’s worth…it wouldn’t necessarily be the best choice for my wellness journey.
  2. I may want to implement “Salad plate eating” which means that I can still enjoy the psychological feeling of a full plate, but it’s a smaller plate, which means I automatically am utilizing portion-control.
  3. I may set a rule with my friends, family, or significant other that we MUST share a meal…literally!  
  4. I may ask immediately for a “to-go” box, or better yet…take my own glass (non-toxic) “to-go” container and as soon as my meal comes, separate it so I’m only eating half.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this SNIPit about the importance of knowing and understanding that TheCodeOfYOU can help you create your best personalized wellness journey possible!  My bigger hope is that you can begin to see just a glimpse of why what may work for your friend, neighbor, family, co-worker may not work for you and vice versa. Because you are uniquely created and your body is different than everyone else’s!  Welcome to the new world of personalized DNA-based wellness. It’s time to BETTER YOU!

Art depicting a DNA strand that forms into a man made of loose molecules going up.

If you’d like to delve into your genetic code – you can join my private Facebook group “cracking TheCodeOfYOU” and become a part of my community. I love helping folks crack their Code!

If you have questions about your code and helping your cells get healthy– let’s chat!

To your best you!



Cellular Health Strategist

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