It’s 4:51am exactly right now. I love this time of day- if you haven’t spent much time up around this time I would encourage you to do so. It’s a magical time of day- there is a neat energy that you feel simply by being awake. 

It’s cool- you don’t think about it very often but very important things happen around the 4-6 timeframe. If you live in a more urban area of the city like the Highlands (where Yes Working is located) and you were to take a walk you would see the prep going on. Priming if you will.

When we stop in Starbucks to get our coffee we expect them to have everything we want. And if your daughter is like mine, cake pops are a must! But how does it get there? And when? 

4am. That’s when. 

Since Yes has moved to the Highlands, I see the cool partying that goes on at places like O’Shea’s and Wick’s. But those places are never a mess like how rooms are after a party vacates. When do they clean up?

4am. That’s when. (And on a side note- many a day do I see Mike Wickliffe walking the block picking up other people’s messes)

Little animals come out of the woodwork, even in the Highlands, to eat and rub. You would never see these if you weren’t up. 

It’s quiet. A different kind of quiet.

I’ve read books that talk about this hour as ‘the divine hour’. And I think I would agree with them. And I can only speak from personal experience- this time of the day has been the most effective for spiritual growth.

Now that I think about it, It’s been the time that I’ve kicked off pretty much everything that’s been great in my life. 

We’re coming up on New Years which means ‘get back on the bus’ for a lot of people. But you don’t have to wait for January 1st to make a huge change in your life. 

You can start at 4am.

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