Hello everyone, it’s me again, Rose.  I’m here this week to take a step back from all of my ideas and lists, to just give you all some advice. My goal is to make sure there is advice that each and every one of you college students can relate to. Advice is something we do not always get from the ones we want to hear it from, but it is something we all need and deserve to hear. Before you all think I am getting too deep and/or serious, let’s just get into this.

Day to Day:

Take things day to day…and that is it.  Not week to week, month to month, year to year, just one day at a time.  I believe in this strongly, because you owe it to yourself to give each day all of you.  Do your best today, and let tomorrow’s worries and stress happen, well tomorrow.  


Sometimes we just need the reminder to simply breathe. It may sound dumb or even cheesy, don’t worry I get it, but I’m serious when I say to breathe and take deep breaths.  There is nothing quite like the relaxation of a deep breathe when things get stressful or out of hand.  Be in touch with your body.

Stay Active and Do Things:

Make sure you stay active, try new things, take the stairs, and go out to events and meet people.  This is especially true and something to heavily take into consideration if you are new to college.  The only way to meet people and get some sanity away from the books, is to go out and do things.  Being active and social, is super important for our well beings…so go have some fun.

Be Proud of Where You Are:

Never wish you were somewhere or someone else. Be present, and be proud of where you are right in this very moment.  Each day you do something to better yourself and your life, is something to be proud of. This is important in growth, and important to getting through those tough droughts in college, hard exams or papers, relationship troubles, and more.

Make Goals:

Make small and big goals to aspire to reach to keep you on top of your game, and never allow yourself to settle.  Mental development and self-love is so vital, and so I encourage you all to make goals. Do you know why? Because, the feeling of hitting and reaching your goals is indescribable. 

Never Take Things for Granted:

Time flies, and I know that sounds cliché, but oh my goodness is it true. High school goes fast, but college goes by even faster…and they say it just keeps going faster the older you get.  So, I pray and beg you all to cherish your time, and take each part that college and life has to offer (even the not so glamorous parts) and embrace them.

Always Try to #SmellTheRoses (aka find the silver-lining):

Sometimes life throws curve balls we do not expect or wish for, of course, that is called life.  Whether it be a flat tire, the tightness on money, failing a test you studied so hard for, etc.  However, try to live in such a way that you may find a way to be optimistic and see that silver-lining in any situation. Almost always can you find a way to think or find a negative to something, but can you always find a positive or #smelltheroses to any circumstance? Challenge yourself to be able to do this, and trust me I am not near perfect at this, but I am trying.  

In overall, give yourself some slack during trying times, and always remember that life does go on.  Take a deep breath, walk away, go have some fun, get some exercise in, meet those daunting goals of yours, do whatever.  Have fun, soak in these amazing years of your life for you will blink and it will be gone.

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