I love affirmations. They inspire me and keep me focused on my goals. My favorite way to use affirmations is by recording them in my own voice with space in between each one so I can repeat them out loud. Hearing them in my own voice helps them to feel more real. These are my favorites for those of you who are just beginning your journey, you need to be reminded that what you have done in the past is over and you are focusing on creating your future now. If you utilize these affirmations every day or even better twice a day, you will truly start to believe all the things you are saying to yourself and it will help motivate you to continue making the choice every day. I challenge you to give this a try and let me know how it works for you.

-I owe it to myself to stop pretending like everything is ok when I feel the stress of money weighing me down and holding me back. 

-I will stop saying no to my real dreams in life because I cannot afford them, and I believe will never be able to.

-I cannot live this way anymore. 

-I am making the decision to take a realistic look at my financial situation. 

-I am owning up to all the mistakes of the past and forgiving myself for making them. 

-I am brave enough and strong enough to do this. 

-I am starting fresh today. 

-I will not let my past failure dictate my future success. 

-I am in control of my future. 

-I am going to work today to make my tomorrow better, and I am going to continue to do that every day. 

-I am going to make a plan called a budget that tells my money where to go. 

-I am taking back the power and control of my money. 

-I recognize that money gives me the power to do what matters to me. 

-I am ready to sacrifice and work hard so that I may contribute to the world in the way that only I can. 

-I am willing to sacrifice my immediate desires in order to fulfill my larger goals. 

-I am willing to work hard for the things that I want. 

-I am willing to sacrifice less important things to focus on those which are more important. 

-I will no longer give my money to things that I don’t truly care about. 

-I will make getting my financial house in order a priority in my life because it will fuel my other dreams and goals. 

-I do not need to use my money to impress other people. 

-I do not need to use my money to show my success. 

-I do not need things to be happy. 

-I need to make a difference in someone’s life. 

-I need to be an example for others of what it means to live a good life and be a good person. 

-When I get my money in order I will not only give myself a better life but I will use it to enrich the lives of others.

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