Check out this episode of #AnooshKnows and see how gratitude in your daily life can improve so much. People often overlook it or think that things have to be going well in their lives in order to be grateful, however, that is a backward way of thinking about things.

“When you are grateful and have gratitude for the small things in your life, the most simple and common things, then you are more likely to be happy” says Chef Anoosh Shariat. “When you are grateful, you cannot be angry or anxious.”

In America especially, we have so much of an abundance. Clean water, food, public services and more is not always available or cost effective in so much of the world, yet we overlook these things and take them for granted. Start small with your gratitude and there is no doubt that you’ll see a change in all the other areas of your life.

As always, eat well and love life, my friends! -Anoosh

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