“Forgiveness liberates the soul. It removes fear. That is why it is such a powerful weapon”

Nelson Mandela

This year I shall focus on


speaking my truth,


and fierce love. 

Forgiveness is so tricky 

and raw

and yuck yet

so fulfilling

and liberating

and empowering.


is a form of

loving self, 

letting go, 

and having grace within your journey.

An intimate and sacred exchange within yourself that unlocks the ability to set some parts free that no longer serve you. 

This process….. Is like grieving. 

You feel the rage take over at times, 

the sadness overwhelm your being in other moments, 

the fuel from the empowerment fire that feeds your soul 

and then 

waves of the breathtaking love and light that gets you through each step of it. 

Do I want to forgive? 

Honestly, Yes & no .. 

But that is when you become aware and awakened to the fact that keeping control of what doesn’t serve you is so toxic and can eat you right up, without you even knowing

& cause you to begin to feel comfort with it being present in your life- 

because it tricks you in to thinking you lose & they win without it being constantly lugged around- 

but trust …. 

This isn’t a game of who is winning and who is losing. 

This is about you carrying around massively heavy weights on your back wherever you go instead of being able to piece by piece begin to work through lightening the load and living in peace. 

This is a war of self love, humbling, bravery, vulnerability and grace vs rage, toxicity, heaviness, control and darkness. 

Now, this road to live lighter and authentic is the road less traveled and it isn’t pretty at all sometimes…

okay many times 


so many don’t allow themselves to persevere past the muck … 

They get stuck, we get stuck, when we hold tight to the grasp we have on what we have become so use to 

and make it impossible To see the beauty on the other side. 

When we don’t forgive 

we tend to numb out, 



carry grudges, 

dislike people, 

mistreat people- 

at times even cast negativity and hatred on– the world- 

our work- 

our passions- 

our people- 


If we choose 

to let go, 


and grow & heal… 

We choose love – 

for ourselves, 

our journeys, 

and our lives 

who is going to win this war for you- because when forgiveness is involved …

You are raging the war within your heart and soul.

Allow love to win.

Sending love & bravery to you 

The Soul Grind

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